Wifi antenna for Wyze cam outdoor

Hi! I have the Wyzecam outdoor units and would like to mount several outside in my park/garden. My wifi signal needs to be boosted. I was looking at Omni directional antennas. Do you have a recommendation for optimal connectivity to my router for increasing wifi coverage? Some of the antennas require the name of the camera to see if it works, yours is not listed. Is there a particular one you recommend? This would be another good product for Wyze to brand…

we have about a half acre to cover. before my old hardware didn’t give me the range i needed. i switched to a google mesh system. it’s been great at my end. i have a strong signal everywhere. plus the system is dead simple to setup and nothing to do once that’s done. it even automatically switches channels if it sees one with less congestion/traffic. lots of other options just the one i went with. fyi my system has just the one router/base and two mesh units is all. good luck!

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