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We just got the Wyze Smart Home Starter Pack and two Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundles. We will get more Outdoor Wyze Cams and Sensors when they become available again. ( Outdoor cams out of stock) and the Wyze Doorbell when available in January (already pre-ordered).
We have a 865 sq ft home and a detached 2 car oversize garage that is 600 sq ft. Property is 7500 sq ft. I work from home so need to be hardwired via ethernet to modem not WiFi. Which is opposite end of house to the alley. Everything else in house including home computer are WiFi.
We have metal siding on house and metal roof on garage. We don’t get WiFi in the garage in back half of property. We have an alley also and therefore need Wifi to reach to the other side of garage which is furthest from modem.
? What is the best way to get the WiFi out there to a non heated garage and not lose connection? We have Xfinity and they have Pods that can be plugged in to extend and 3 is $119 but worry about the cold we get here and the pods or whatnot not working.
? Is it better to get an Extender that just plugs in half way between the modem and the farthest outdoor camera or a router or a repeater or booster? Or get something else to extend the WiFi? I am confused on differences between extender, router, repeater and booster. I need this to be as simple as possible and not have to run wires from modem if possible.
? Can someone please advise best option to go snag at Best Buy or Walmart?

Much Appreciated - Rachael

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I’ve got Comcast(Xfinity) for WIFI and I used this instead of the pods and it worked perfectly:
I’d also recommend that you have multiple outdoor camera bases. The range won’t go far through metal and you can plug one into the extender.

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I use an AC Powerline extender to get Internet in my detached garage.
This gives you Ethernet in the garage that you can attach a Wifi Access Point to.
This combination should give you fairly good Wifi in your yard too.




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Good news! Based on the details you shared in your original post, coming up with a solution shouldn’t be too difficult or cost you a ton of $$!!

To ensure the best possible outcome for you, I’d highly recommend you reach out to the nice folks at Best Buy who handle home networking stuff.


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If we plugged one into the extender, i assume you mean one of the bases or do you mean the router wifi extender… One that is outside is plug into the router. Or r u saying run a ethernet from base outside to another base that we could put in garage. Its all confusing of our best option. Since its a detached garage. Its about 25 ft from router to garage and would need to run an ethernet… ? Is there another way?

So i need to buy both of these in pictures or just one if them and stick in garage? If its plug and play pretty much and that easy i am on it. But the two pictures have done confused me. LOL. Ok re-read…thats $160. More then want to spend.

Best Buy is tough to work with at times. I stumped two diff guys there over one thing regarding our tv ans external hard drive ans have yet to get it to work. Anyways I definitely have a few great ideas to try. :slight_smile: :grinning: