Wi-fi Extender....which one !?

I’m kind of new here. Have a difficult time using forums like this so please be patient with me. : ) We have several Wyze cameras… a few issues using but thats a subject line and post for another day. :slightly_smiling_face:

For now we need to put the outdoor cameras further out on our property (neighbor issues :roll_eyes:).

From front of house to the furthest point out is 100-120’. Wi-fi modem/router is in front room, second floor in a window… Furthest point from Wi-Fi routher/modem to backyard is about the same, 100’-120’ but lots of walls to go through.
Extender is located just outside window of router/modem. Tried wi-fi without extender … to the furthest property point get one less bar in back, same bars as with extender in front.

Is it the extender? Location of extender? Other issues? We need to put these up soon, as there has been neighbor safety issues. Much of the Wi-Fi, extenders, etc t is foreign to me.

Extender is an AC1200 Outdoor, TP-Link EAP225

Thank you for any help.
~Confused in Connecticut

Hey, if your talking about the outdoor battery cam, that uses a Wyze base station and is not compatible with a normal WiFi extender. You could however move the base station out near the cameras and use a WiFi extender to connect the base back to the WiFi.

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Your post is unclear so it is difficult to answer but here’s a :dagger: (stab).

120 feet seems far if there are any obstructions.

In general, the ideal spot for your extender is going to be about 1/3rd of the total distance to the far-away device. Obstacles change the math but it’s a good starting point.

Because this is for a security camera, reliability is going to be important so “just barely” isn’t ideal.

If I were you I think I would do a more labor intensive test to just figure it out. Something like:

  1. Place the extender inside the house but as close to the camera as possible.
  2. Use a USB battery pack to power up the camera next to the extender and get a good connection setup.
  3. In the app, watch on live view as I walked toward the position I want the camera to be positioned.
  4. If the signal stays strong on the entire walk, Great! Done. If not, then you are going to need another solution - I don’t have an idea off the top of my head.

But that would give you an idea of where the problem is.

I have my extender plugged into the same electrical circuit as the main house in a building about 150 yards from the router. My method: I plug the extender into the outlet and the plug in the base station into the extender. To get the extender to connect to wifi I have to click on the WPS button on the main router and then click on the extender sync button to connect the two. Now, the base station can be connected to the wifi extender network. After that works, sync the camera to the base station. Be sure that the phone where you have your Wyze app is on the same extender network. I do find that the camera or base station is kicked off the extended wifi network and the process has to be repeated. It happens way more often than it should, unfortunately.