Signal, WiFi extender

I have a garage about 75 feet from my house. I need to extend a signal to install a Wyze cam. Has anyone been able to do something like this? If so, how?


WiFi extender might work.
HomePlug adapter (ethernet over power line wiring) might work.
Both technologies have been used successfully, and described on other threads here.

Kathrin’s experience getting Wyze cams in her barn might be helpful.

Thanks, I haven’t searched other threads but I unfortunately cannot go over power since the garage is powered by my neighbor who has a house built on our lot originally before it was divided. A bit complicated…

I’ve run a 50’ extension cord from an outside outlet and put a NETGEAR Powerline adapter at the end in a baggie.

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Hmmm, interesting.


Unless the garage has metal siding or something else that might interfere with the signal, at 75 feet, adding an external WiFi access point might do the trick. Here is one example: