Wifi network to reach camera in pole barn

I have 3 wyze cams set up within about 125 foot of my router around my house.
I have one more wyze cam im trying to setup inside of my horse barn approximately 175 foot from my router. I had a wifi extender at the opposite corner of my house (away from the router, close to the barn) and get decent strength surrounding the barn, but not INSIDE due to the tin siding.

I moved the extender out to the barn to try to get signal within the barn. The router light glows red, but i get occasional signal enough to show one image (up to 80 kb/s) and then it sinks down to 0 and cuts me off. Does anyone have any ideas how to get better signal?

I was going to recommend the thread below, but I see you started that one back in February. So confused about the need for this duplicate thread.

I agree with their recommendation of a powerline adapter with built-in 802.11N WiFi at the far end (in your barn) like they show in the second post there.

Did you try that?

Basically, it would look like this. The barn is to the right, and the mobile devices shown there can be your Wyze cams. That would be the network you set your Wyze cams for:

On the previous thread they were talking about an access point inside the barn. Is that access point just the cameras? So we just plug in the wpa part in the barn and then just hook up the camera with the ethernet and thats all i need?

So if you look at the graphic I inserted above, your house is on the left. Your router there is plugged into the Internet. Using one of the ports on the back of your router, you run an Ethernet cable to one of the two adapters they give you, and then plug that adapter into the nearest AC outlet.

Now you go out to the barn, and plug the other adapter into a convenient AC outlet. The two adapters connect to each other over the AC power wires, and start communicating, effectively extending your network out to the barn.

That adapter in the barn is a wireless access point just like your router provides in the house. So your cameras would be told to connect to that wireless access point, which is inside your barn.

You can connect anything to it. Mobile phones, tablets, Wyze cams, whatever. The barn adapter even has an Ethernet port on it to connect personal computers to if you like. But I suspect you won’t use that.

This implementation does require that both your barn and your house are connected to the same electrical source.

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This is very helpful, thank you!
Do you have any suggestions on brands

+1 to Newshound’s recommendation. Use powerline adaptors to extend your internet coverage out to the barn.

For best performance, the two adaptors need to be plugged into the same phase of your electrical system. Your property is probably supplied with what’s known as 2-phase power. If you have any 240 VAC appliances (typically electric range or dryer), you surely have 2-phase power. Some outlets will be on one phase; some will be on the other. It might take a bit of trial and error to find an outlet in the house that is on the same phase as the outlets in the barn.

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TP-Link, Trendnet, Netgear, D-Link all make decent products. I use Netgear for my power line connection.

The one they linked in your previous post shown above is an Amazon’s Choice with lots of good reviews:


Power line units are a better choice than just a wifi extender if you can get them to work, if not then i would recommend putting the 1 wifi extender back where you had good signal outside and see if you can put a second one inside the barn to boost the signal from there. even using a light weight extension cord and placing the extender in a window to bring the signal in might be enough to give you good signal for a camera or 3 inside. i always try to buy from someplace that will take returns so if the idea/experiment does not work, you can return the item.

And note - powerline adapters must be on the same meter.

Here’s another possible solution for your barncam. It’s a WiFi extender for the barn with an external antenna that you mount outside where it can better connect (wirelessly) to the router in your house… @kathrin is using one in her barn.


Thank you everyone for the replies! I will definitely have to try the powerline adapter with the antenna extender as a backup ($50 sounds a whole lot better to me than $200).
But will definitely keep in mind a place that allows returns!

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Hi Maggie, My set up definitely works perfectly for me at a distance of about 300’. For me it’s monitoring birthing season of my goats and sheep. the wifi extender is on the outside of the barn, at least the antenna part is. I did have to put a router in a window of the house on the side that faces the barn. It works flawlessly. The antenna on the barn is connected to the other piece of equipment just inside in the hayloft and I have wifi throughout a 66x36’ barn. Cost was about $130 for the set up from C.Crane

I have three Google Home WiFi units to reach from my internet (in house) to the barn at the back of my property. I have a shed mid way out in my yard where I placed one of the WiFi routers. That signal reaches all the way to barn without issue. Inexpensive and great signal.

I had a similar situation and bought 2 engenius outdoor 5ghz WiFi units that run in bridge mode. I planned to install them outdoors/line of sight but during setup I found they shoot through both the walls just fine (250 feet) and I’m getting throughput that’s close to hardwire (or powerline). It’s more expensive but I have 4 rtsp 20fps cams and an AP talking to 3 wyze cams running in garage. Using Mac filtering keeps the link secure. Just my 2 cents.

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