Separate building set up?

My family is looking to add wyze to the family home–there are a few detached buildings across about 2 acres of property—what is the best way to add these cameras to the outer buildings that have virtually no internet connectivity to the house? Mesh? Wi-fi extenders? What about powering to the cameras? No outlets on some of the buildings?

Your no power situation is your biggest issue. There are ways of getting your signal to a remote building on your property, but they all require power at the remote building for the network components and the camera. With some expense ($250?), you could go solar, but that may also attract any unwelcome visitors you want to watch out for. If you go solar, you will need 5 V for the camera, and possibly 12 V for any networking equipment. Something like this will require end-to-end planning before you buy anything.

All that said, here are some threads that may be of interest:

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Do you mean no outlets ON the outside or no power at all?
If no outlets on outside I’d find a way to run an extension cord. If no power I’d recommend either solar or some sort of jury rigged setup involving batteries with large capacity that could be recharged easy.
But as Newshound linked they have to be on the same meter.

For wifi if you are doing it on the cheap and have to go farther than 300 or so feet it might be tricky. I’ve put a “Home Powerline” extender at the end of a 50’ extension cord and it worked.
There are many other options, but often much more expensive.