Wyzecam Setup for Wireless Access to Remote Building

I would like to place a couple of wyzecams in a shop building around 300 feet away that is currently beyond my existing wifi coverage.
It looks like a couple of Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2’s will work great to get the internet access wirelessly to the remote building, but since the receiving Loco M2 has just one wired ethernet port and I need wireless, what type of device would I connect to the ethernet port to provide wireless access at the shop location?
I’m supposing it would be a wireless access point device to plug into the ethernet port, something similar to the Netgear WAC104-100NAS Access Point.

Has anyone else setup a similar type of system? Any info or recommendations on this project is appreciated.

Are the shop and your house on the same power meter? If so a wireline adapter with a built-in wireless access point may work. In this case you wouldn’t need any other hardware. Check out this conversation and see what you think:

Unfortunately they are on different power meters.

You are attacking a problem I’m trying to figure out how to solve.

A suggested answer would a simple travel router like

Do you have Line of Sight (LOS)?
Is there any vegetation in the way?

I do have clear window to window line of site.

Just a thought – From what I’ve seen of these devices, you can probably install both sender and receiver indoors behind walls and still make 300 feet. Worth trying before you install anything outdoors or in windows, I think.

The Ubiquiti only has a 10/100 Ethernet Port, so your additional wireless access point doesn’t have to be too fancy. N150 is all. So both access points above will be fine. The Netgear is actually a little more than you need with the additional 802.11ac protocols. So you can go pretty cheap here if the access point has good ratings.

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Understood. Thank you!