How far Wyze Cam put away from wifi source for outdoor

my factory front gate is a about 100ft far from wifi source (google mesh wifi) . And I like to put my wyze cam at my front gate, Is it possible or good connection, or how can i do to get better connection.
Is there anyways using Ethernet cable to connect to network.

Try it, it might work. A lot depends on your router. I can routinely operate at about 75’ from the router with 2 walls between my device and the router.

I too would like to use my V2 or Pan as a remote. Thinking about a form of water proof housing and battery pack set up for the 5amp needed to operate cam. Also a small solar panel such as the hand held or remote battery chargers for ipad or phone to supplement power, am wanting the system portable so I can hide it on my 8 acres to see it any notifications of surprise animals or humans are sniffing around.

I’ve modified a cube with external antenna which increased the range. Also depends on router a intervening objects. Walls etc which reduce range. I get about 200+ft but that’s line of sight.


I’m sure I and many others would greatly like to see your mod.

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It’s not difficult, remove two small phillips screws in base, the base piece will snap out. The back piece is a bit more difficult but snaps out. I used small screw driver to release the snaps on each side . The internal antenna connect to the circuit board with standard micro snap fitting. I used an antenna
It has connector that snaps on board. Fashion a hole to fit the sma fitting on other end of pig tale. Stuff the lead in the cube and reassemble.

I posted info, hope it’s helpful. Email if questions

Thanks, Terry

That is elegant!! Thanks!

Like others said it depends completely on the strength of your network. Best bet would be to put one of your WiFi pods in a window facing the gate. A quick check would be to download a signal meter app to your phone and go out to your gate and see what your wifi strength is.
I now have a V1 inside of a bus 50+ feet from the house and it is showing 95% wifi signal. However, I have Ubiquiti UAP-LR on the front porch so even on low power our phones stay connected to the house Wifi until they are about 500’ down the road.
I’m " that guy" that when neighbor " upsets me" I just put the outdoor APs on wideband, high power and wait until I see the Spectrum service van pull up the street. Of course, then I turn them back to Low power narrow band.