Wyze outdoor surveillance camera transmit distance

Hello all,
I was thinking of putting the Wyze Cam Outdoor unit at my gate which is about 200ft from my house. Will this camera be able to transmit the data to my home network from that distance?
second question, does wyze provide a solar panel that can be plugged into this unit to charge the battery so I don’t have to continuous go out and get it and recharge up the battery?


If you get Wi-Fi at the gate it might work,run some test with your phone,the new wyze solar panel will work just fine,if you have Wi-Fi at the gate do a speed test,the base for the camera should be mounted as Hi up to get the best coverage

The WCO connects to it’s base station, and if that signal is able to reach your location then it would work. The advertised range is 300 feet, but I’d say that would be reachable only under certain ideal situations and line of sight.

Wyze does have a solar panel that can be used for the outdoor cam, but it’s currently sold out. Here’s the shop link, make sure to sign up for the updates to know when it’s back in stock.