Outdoor Cam - How can I get another Base Station?

Can I buy another base station? Reason I’m asking is I got the Wyze bundle through Costco. It has 2 outdoor cams and I already installed one at the front of my house.
The base station is all the way at the front as well.

Problem is I want to put the second outdoor cam in the backyard. It’s far away from the base station so it won’t get signal there. The fact that outdoor cam can only connect to the base station is a flaw because my mesh WiFi is much better and reaches farther as well. What are my options?

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I have saw a few on ebay last month

Get another kit with both the base station and a camera!!!

I just got 2 of the Solar Panels and have one mounted currently. Went from about 92% charge and it’s up at 100% charge in a day, no time flat. No more getting up on a ladder to bring it down to charge up and then putting it back and re-aiming it. I like the kit. It was a snap to set up. Keep the solar plugin water-resistant at the camera.

I guess I will have to get another kit or find a standalone open box base station on eBay at reasonable price.

I already have 9 Wyze cams and trying to put up another. At this point I really don’t need any more cameras that’s why buying a kit just for the base station is not ideal.

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