Connecting Wyze Cam in an out building

I can not get my camera to connect to the WiFi. I’m guessing it’s because I’m in a barn and the router is in the house. Would a signal extender work with Wyze Cam? If so any one that works better with an out building?

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What ever way that is feasible for you to get wifi signal into the barn or atleast to the location where you want to mount the camera. Run a cat5/6 to the barn and put up an access point? Mount your home router near a window or wall that has less instructions between it and the barn?

You need to provide more details and description to your physical space because everyone reading this will have a different idea what they think your home and barn setup is. And each of those folks will have a different idea on how to fix their idea of what your situation is. More info is key. Thanks!

How can I fix my car? Without knowing what kind of car and what the problem is, it’s not worth even trying to answer, to many possibilities. Turns out though, all I needed was blinker fluid. :slight_smile:

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This type of extender works well. They are made to mount outdoors.
I have one that is about 50’ from my router. I can pick up the Wifi about 200’ from the extender.

The main house is about 25m from the metal barn. My stall is facing the house, that is stucco. I have no idea where in the house the router is, it is the farm owners home. I only have permission to use the WiFi to use my camera.

All you need is power and a place to mount the extender.
You’ll also need the home owners login and password for the router. You would need that for the camers anyway.