WiFi Extenders

Is there a Wifi extender that can be used with the cams? I have 6 cams and sensors, not to mention other wireless devices that use the Wifi making the cams go off line.

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From my personal experience and many reviews online, the very best WiFi Range Extender for just 2.4G is this one from Amazon: Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX2700 N300

I have 4 of them located around the house as I have real steel siding and High-E Windows on my house so getting a WiFi signal outside is a challenge. Because it only uses the 2.4GHz band it makes setup and reliable connection simple and reliable. I have been using them for many years and can count the drops on 2 fingers (both my fault).


So I’d need to connect to extender from wifi menu when I set up the cam?

That’s correct, basically. Whatever device you use for the Wyze App needs to be connected to the extender first. I use an old SmartPhone for doing all my connections, makes it simple and easy.

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Thank you

Personally, I prefer the EX3700 from Netgear. Up to 750 Mbps and 1000 Sq ft of coverage for up to 15 devices. Since I have a dual band router and use both bands, I was looking at a TP Link RE200/220 dual band(2.4Ghz/5Ghz) extender that had near the same specs with 2000 Sq ft(185 m²) of coverage but I couldn’t find it when I went back to Amazon so I went with Netgear for $29. Oddly enough, the RE220 still isn’t available on Amazon, though the RE200 is.



I would first determine if it is a lack of signal strength that is causing the problem, or if there is something else (capacity of the router to handle the requests, overloading of 2.4GHz channel by devices/neighbours/etc).
In the event a lack of signal strength is the problem, a wifi extender may help. If you’re going to use it wirelessly, you will want to place it in an area that gets good wifi signal already. Otherwise, you’re taking a weak signal and trying to make it stronger, which doesn’t always work well. Also note that you will lose half the speed by connecting wirelessly, unless you are going with a dedicated style setup where the wifi extender uses a dedicated channel to communicate with your router.
If your main router is not able to handle this many devices due to insufficient computing capacity or network capacity, a wifi extender may/may not help.


Wifi Extenders kinda suck cause they like to drop connections randomly. Id just do a force upgrade and get a mesh router setup


Only if your base WiFi network “sucks”.

I have several Netgear WiFi extenders that have run continuosly since they were installed, one for over 3-years, two for 2-years. Never a dropout or poor signal. They all are on Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) as all electronics should be.


That’s impressive… 2-3 years and not a single dropout.

Thank you all for your informative information! Much appreciated :grin:

Strictly technically speaking, mesh solutions are a better option compared to extenders. They are quite a bit more expensive, but provide better coverage, performance and reliability. Amplifi Instant, Google and Eero are all good options.


I need to lookup this “mesh” thing that is mentioned. I do not know how this works. Sorry for sounding like an "air head":grimacing:

No worries! Mesh solutions work differently than extenders in that they are providing one contiguous network vs extenders which are simply “repeating” a signal (usually via a separate network). The only real downside is mesh will cost you some extra $$. However, with mesh your home will be completely blanketed wtih wifi signal. The only thing you want to make sure of is that your internet isn’t actually the problem. I have seen people make the investment in mesh networking only to find out the wifi signal wasn’t the issue and instead their internet connection to the carrier was not working correctly.

Here is a good article that explains mesh:

Good luck!

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Thank you for this information. Yeah, you are absolutely correct, somewhat pricey.:open_mouth:

Just to add some non-information to the subject… I have one of those magic WiFi extender doohickies plugged into an outlet in my workshop, at least 150 feet from my house, and it works peachy. As my technical knowledge is somewhat limited, I simply got lucky in the setup. I found a WiFi extender doohicky we weren’t using, plugged it into an outlet in the shed, hoped nothing would catch on fire or that satellites wouldn’t come plunging out of the sky as often happens when I fiddle with magic, muttered the traditional incantation - “Get Ready To Run” - and viola! It actually worked!

We’ve lived on the acreage for nearly ten years now. This whole time I thought we had two cats. With the Wyze in the shed, it turns out we have five cats. Who knew? They have a regular poker game Tuesday nights on my lawn mower…


You can get a good 2 mesh system for $99 @ Walmart… the TP Link system and you can expand it later as well

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I’ll check thay out… thanks

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Agreed. I used extenders for a couple of years and switched to mesh. More expensive but much more reliable and a seamless interface.

Hi, I use the TP-Link 1200 wifi Extender/Repeater. It’s got an easy to read booklet in English, selectable 2.4G or 5G. It gives good signal and shows on a readout the max distance it can be from base router as you try it in different locations. Also four large LEDs on front as indicators of wifi from router, wifi out, security hookup, power, etc. I like it

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