Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter V2

Am I the only who is wondering why we still haven’t gotten a release for the Outdoor Power Adapter V2???

Wyze, please don’t take this as a complaint. Rather, it’s a concern. We all love your products and understand the business model. But in order for us to subscribe to services, we have to have working cameras. You touted the cam pen V3 that’s an outdoor capable camera. Why would we not have the adapter at launch?? And why would you say during the live stream release that you would probably be posting it for sale a week from then? This really stinks because I am ready to mount and use this camera and subscribe to a service for it. In fact, if you do the math think about how many units you sold. Now think about half of those units having subscriptions. That’s how much money you’re losing, if half of those units sold need to be mounted outside. So please release the adapter ASAP, or give us a realistic timeline for release.


I too am ready to mount and subscribe, but want to make sure my cam pan v3 is weatherproof so I haven’t been able to move forward. I just want an answer, I have chatted multiple times and nobody seems to have any info (and the people chatting are under the impression that we don’t need this outdoor power adapter for weatherproofing, but it is listed otherwise on the product page). Also, as you said, their founder said it would be available within a week of the launch during the live stream. Now, we also have to pay for shipping again, which is unfortunate. Please give us an answer WYZE. Thanks.

The version 2 outdoor power adapter is now on their website. I’m not sure why they didn’t announce it or put it on the home page of the website. Just ordered mine!

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Here are the details:

The Outdoor Power Adapter V2 that will work with the Pan V3 and V3Pro is now available in the Wyze Store.

If you scroll thru the pictures to the right, #7 of 7 will show you the package image: