Wyze V3 Outdoor Power Adapter

Is any update on the Outdoor power adapter for the V3 camera?

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I haven’t heard much other than it was heading to testing I believe.


You would think in the big picture this wouldn’t take that long. That said I have seen on-line reviews on the new spotlight for the V3 that are two months old but the product is still not out.

I guess I will wait to purchase my cameras until he power and spotlight options are released.

the supply shortage has messed as lot of things up world wide lately. so things such as the spotlight are out, they are just having trouble keeping stock of such an in demand product. but you can get notified as to when it comes back in stock.

spotlight kit

and as for the power supply, I put that on par with the V3 itself, take the time and get it right. with this type of thing, should it fail being electrical, it could lead to quite a few issues. I would much rather them take their time and do the testing and get it right ( and waterproof) than have it fail and have some sort of electrical malfunction or possible fire.

it’s kind of the double conundrum you see with EA games. do you want a game quick, or a finished game?
or the old adage with tattoos :slight_smile: a good tattoo isnt cheap and a cheap tattoo isnt good.

it’s kind of a venn diagram…but with very little over lap.

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See my response in another thread about this topic:


I’m going to guess that the regular V3 power adapter is not moisture resistant at all and if it is plugged in outside and it fries your camera , or catchers your house on fire, wyze will not be liable and it will not be warrantied, and it could be that the outdoor power adapter is capable of powering more than one camera at a time.
Might be the outdoor power adapter has a longer outdoor rated USB cord to position the camera where needed

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Very good points I really didn’t think about the differences in the cable possibilities I only thought about weatherproofing and stuff like that durability testing type stuff

The outlet cover protects the power adapter. It’s got a gasket around it, except for the bottom hole where the cord enters. I have had this set up for two years now without any issue, first with a V2 then now a V3.

Besides, the outdoor power adapter has to plug into an outdoor outlet itself. That will short out in the rain, unless you protect it with - an outlet cover!

I am aware of that :slightly_smiling_face:
the indoor power adapter is not rated or warrantied for outdoor use .

Maybe not, but it’s certainly better than the outdoor plug’s shorting out where it’s plugged into an exterior outlet.

Plus even if the std power adapter fails in two years (at least), it costs less than $10. How much is the outdoor power adapter?

Nothing wrong with weighing pros and cons and making a decision for yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

Build your own weatherproof setup and run long cables to camera too…

The power Supply mounts indoors but the cable to camera can be longer as the 5 volts is regulated at the camera.

I have ran over 180 feet of 2 conductor cable to camera with this setup, use low voltage lighting wiring it can be buried, it is weatherproof and UV resistant.

Connect the 12v to 5v micro-USB regulator adapter to cable matching polarity ( +red -black ) along cable where a camera is needed if more than 2 cameras just get a 12 volt adapter with more current (Amps) The Adapter regulator is weatherproof except the micro-USB itself but the boot on the V3 takes care of that.

12 volt input to 5 volt output micro-USB cable (adapter)

12 volt power supply 1 amp with connector adapter

This maybe the best option I can find. They make a USB outdoor adapter for ARLO cameras. May have to cut the connector a little to fit the plug on the Wyze cam but this whole unit is designed to be used outdoors.

Is anything known about the design of the outdoor adapter? Is it a single plug/outlet? Any possibility of having multiple ports?

Has anyone run multiple cameras (v3) off of a single power adapter?

The Wyze Outdoor adapter does not exist yet…

If the 2 cams are V3 cams you would be at or above the current output of the standard Wyze USB power supply which is 1000ma (1 Amp)

A V3 streaming video, spotlight, IR (manually ON), and Siren draws ~600ma. so 2 cameras running could hit 1200ma. but having everything going on both may not happen all the time.

I would recommend only 1 V3 per USB Wyze stock power supply.

On another note, I have 14 V3’s on a supply but not your typical setup…
Battery Backed-Up 14 V3 cams and Internet Communications

Oh yea, I’m not trying to put more than one v3 Cam on the same Wyze adapter. I’m wondering if anyone has found 3rd party adapters that can handle (the correct watts/amps) multiple (I’m personally looking for 3) cams on a single adapter/outlet.

Hard wired is also an option for me as I’m using the cams on my fish pond and will have power from the house available out there. I may try some custom solutions, but we’ll see. So many projects, so little time.

Your battery project/setup looks pretty amazing.

I have 2 V3s connected to a USB splitter and a single V3 power adapter. I don’t have problems with the setup.

I’m not the only one, in fact I got the idea and the link to the USB splitter from these forums.

As others noted, specs and design is not known. When cam v3 released they had the spotlight and outdoor power adapter listed on the v3 product page as available soon.


If the image was accurate, we can assume a weather tolerant in-line adapter that would output the correct power closer to the cam. This would reduce volt drop that happens on long runs of usb cables.

By the way the cams run a little warm I would guess they are sending more power than needed. The cams circuits are dissipating the extra power. I haven’t seen anyone study this on the cams but everyone being able to split-run multiple cams and long usb runs lends itself to overpowering for a single cam.

Nobody knows exactly that spot where splitting power or extra long usb is running optimal power vs under powering and hurting the cam circuits. With $25 cams I don’t think anyone is too worried about shortening the life of a cheap cam.

Having a higher current output will not do that, the device will only use the current it needs.

To run 3 cameras you would need at least a 2000 ma supply, testing has shown the maximum current draw to be approximately 600ma per camera (Streaming Video, Spotlight ON, IR LED’s ON, and SIREN ON)

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