Outdoor cam v3 delivered with only indoor power adapter

I ordered a Cam v.3 indoor/outdoor camera to mount outdoors and it was delivered with only indoor power supply.
When I contacted Support, they acknowledged it was and engineering problem and that engineering would be notified. When I asked them how they would make this right for me, I was told I needed to order the outdoor power supply separately.
I told them that this camera was advertised as an outdoor ready camera with no mention that an outdoor power supply must be ordered.
Their response was that I needed to order an outdoor power supply. I asked to speak with someone in authority who could authorize sending me a power supply, since this smacked of false advertising and bait and switch. Their response was that no one was available to change this policy. They insisted that my buying an additional outdoor power supply was my only option.
I have since returned both my Cam v.3 and my storage chip.
I have also contacted the Better Business Bureau.
Buyer Beware!

The V3 has always shipped with an indoor power supply, as do the V2 and Pans. You have a few options, find a way to route the power line from an inside outlet or buy the outdoor rated power supply. Purchase the lamp socket and install it in an outdoor light and connect the camera to that.

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Wyze never supplied an outdoor plug for the v3. If I remember correctly, the outdoor plug was introduced way after the v3 hit the market.


Youare correct the Wyze Cam v3 was launched on 10/27/2020 and the outdoor adapter for that cam was launched 10/14/2021 almost a year later. The cameras have never sold with an outdoor ready adapter, only the camera was outdoor ready.

On the Wyze Cam v3 page on the website it says what is included.

  • Wyze Cam v3 x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1
  • Wall Mount Plate x1
  • Wall Mount Plate Tape x1
  • Screw Kit x1
  • Indoor USB Power Adapter x1
  • 6 Feet Outdoor Rated USB Cable x1

The adapter is specifically called out as an indoor adapter.