Power sources

I’m a dedicated Wyze user - vacuums, watches, scales, and many cameras. My comment is about this:
**Adapter v1 works with Wyze Cam v3, or [OG series] Adapter v2 works with [Cam Pan v3]
This device will NOT function as an individual or standalone product. Ensure you have the right version for your device.

I’d like Wyze to offer a plug or cube or USB that I can use to power any Wyze cam. It’s getting too confusing trying to determine what power cord, or what solar panel is required for the different cam models.

Thank you.

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The v2 power adapter works with any Wyze cam afaik, but the v1 is slightly cheaper since it doesn’t include the adapter for the pan v3, and it works for the v3 cam.

A compatibility checker on wyzes site would be nice

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This store listing is very poorly written and is misleading. The way it is written it makes it sound like the Outdoor Adapter V2 won’t work on the V3 or the OG:

But, note what it says at the bottom of the V2 image (7 of 7):

The only difference in the V2, aside from the addition of the pigtail for the PanV3, is that the microUSB housing is sized and shaped specifically to seal in the back of the V3Pro. It will still operate with all previous cams with a microUSB plug.