Outdoor power adapter Europe


I want to get te wyze cam v3 pan and the wyze cam v3 pro for outdoor use in the netherlanse, where its like raining all season. Will mount it directly to the wall of my house. Just before completing my order i read about the necessary power outdoor adapter v2. This plug is for use in outlets in the USA and not in Europe (220 volt) with other connector.

So the question is what is the best solution, will it be recommended to use the product for outdoor use. Can i buy a other outdoor adapter for particular use in Europe, wich one will work?

Thanks in advantage.

The Outdoor Power Adapter V2 which is the model compatible with the PanV3 and the V3Pro accepts an input voltage range from 100V to 240V. However it is the standard two prong plug used in the USA.

With an adapter to fit your outlets, it should work. Regardless, the plug & outlet still needs to be weatherproof.

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