Help! Looking to hard wire any wyze camera with this

I have this setup (pic) on an exterior cantilever. It is under the cantilever.

Is there any Wyze cam that I can use to hardwire to this? If so, do I need adpaters? A hard requirement is that it must meet code (Massachusetts).

Thank you for any help!

Could that be turned into an exterior outlet? Then there are outdoor rated power adapters that could be used. Or look into the floodlight pro or similar to see if those can be mounted into the rectangular box. I don’t have any exterior flood lights cams so hopefully someone with knowledge of those can chime in to see if those will work there.


Thank you. Yes! I am turning it into an outdoor outlet and putting a Wyze Cam v3 Pro in it.

My house only has one outlet outdoors. My nice neighbor changed the outlet to an Outdoor GFIC outlet then we put a cover over it. I have two V3 cams with power adapters plugged into two smart plugs in it. Cover is similar to this.