Anyone Tried a Wall Outlet with an integrated USB Port?

Just curious if anyone has tried plugging in a Wyze Cam to a wall outlet with the integrated USB ports? I am wiring up an outdoor outlet and thought it might be handy to use of them so I don’t have to use the large AC adapter.


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Yes, installed an electrical outlet in our kitchen counter top to run the USB power cable from the window to an outside mounted Wyzecam with no issues more than a year go.


working off of what @masterep did, I see his idea working with the outlet and the connection to the outlet itself are both inside, no power connections exposed to the elements. doing that outside I would think invite a host of issues with the connection ( dirt, dust, moisture) unless you used a protective cover on the receptacle. there are a few people that have done the covered receptacle with success with our cameras using the stock power source. if its something that’s going to stay plugged in constantly as opposed to something like a tool that you only use intermittently during good weather, I would definitely look into using a protected receptacle. other than that, if the receptacle is protected and the usb source on it provides the correct power, I don’t think you’ll have any issues at all.

here is something a kin to what I was thinking.


I ran a V 2 camera while testing for 4 days plugged into a power strip with integrated USB ports , 2 ports rated at 2.4 combined , the camera ran fine .
So, I would say yes, you can run a V2 Wyze Cam to a outlet with the integrated USB ports

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Confirmed - I’ve had a V2 powered off an outlet with integrated (dual) USB ports for several months.

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Ive even ran mine off a Milwaukee 12v battery with the USB adapter to test out a few different spot placements before I wired stuff up.


Great thoughts Bam, since I’m lazy, I just purchased a 5-57/64" Length x 5-57/64" Width x 3-9/16" Height box for $10 at the time from Amazon Warehouse. Relocated the whole surface electrical outlet inside its weather proof housing so I could fit everything inside.

I drilled a port on the side of box, ran the cables and caulk sealed it to protect the internal components from bugs and weather.

I choose to upgrade to the 6 port, 60W power supply for two reasons, first to increase the availability of current to support the longer cable runs, if needed. Second, to save space in the box. Then to my delight, when Wyze released its Smart Plug, having just one power supply for all the Wyzecams - it was a simple retrofit adding it to the mix, giving me the ability to cut power to cams from my application.

The price on this item regularly lowers.

The higher-power supply (6 ports, 60W) will provide no benefit on longer cable runs. The voltage drop that will occur on a longer cable is independent of the available current from the supply.

Thanks Kyphos, for the Wyzecam to operate properly, it must be supplied with the right amount of power, which is measured in watts (current) which is calculated by multiplying current (amps) x voltage (volts). Formula: W=V * I

Since we are supplying DC current, voltage drop is proportional to the amount of current flow and wire resistance. Wire resistance increases due to the cable length and wire gauge used.

Since, I was too lazy to calculate or measure each of the four extended cables’ resistance, I just made sure, if needed the power supply was capable of supplying more current since the Wyzecam needs 5 volts nominal.

Bottom line – it has been working for a year with no issues for 11 Wyzecams.

Yes, if this was a work task, I would do this the long way, verify it multiple different approaches for the even older engineers from 1960s.

My superpower is knowing enough to support being lazy when applicably.

Yes. No problems using a USB port integrated in an outlet.

Thanks for all the answers everyone. I do have a cover on my outdoor outlet. I just didn’t want the large AC adapter taking up all the space. I saw the USB outlets at the store the other day and thought it might be a better solution. Sounds like it will!

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I did replace the standard AC outlet with a newer one offering 2 AC sockets and 2 USB sockets. A little bit of a pain doing the wiring, and cramming everything back into the wiring junction box. About a half-hour’s chore. It worked great with my Wyze Pan Cam – for about a week.

Then I discovered that I really needed the Camera in a different location.

Rather than move the new AC outlet, I dug the adapter brick back out of the junk drawer and pluged into a standard, old style socket. MAYBE a few weeks from now if I still like this location I’ll move the new outlet, or buy another. But the short version is, I recommend using the brick, not a wall outlet, for a month or so until you’re really sure you’re really happy with the camera site.

Darn. Might have been easier to buy another cam. :grinning:

I run 2 , V2 cameras from the USB ports on this,it just plugs in your outlet , they both work fine
one of the cams has a 16 foot cord on it