How is this possible?

I have been using Wyze products for almost two years. I talk them up to my friends and I cut Wyze a lot of slack based on the technology and pricing. In other words, I have not been complaining about anything (until now). So for such a forward thinking cutting edge company how could you:

1: Release the Wyze Plug Outdoor version with no way to mount it? I am sorry, but plugging it into an outlet and then having it dangle by its pigtail does not cut it. How cutting edge do you need to be to miss something as obvious as a few mounting tabs or holes in the back and a template for mounting like basically every power strip or surge protector has? Extremely lame and short sighted.

2: The Wyze V3 camera. Lovely, lots of nice new features. It is also rated for outdoor use. How is it that you send this device out with a USB power supply that is NOT rated for outdoor use? Once again lame and short sighted. FYI there are a lot of people with homes that have outdoor outlets and plugging a Camera power supply into one of these would make things easier. I realize there is some chatter from Wyze about releasing an out door rated power supply for the V3? I am not holding my breath. I suppose it will work in your favor to drag your feet on this as making this V3 useable outdoors might compete with the battery powered “outdoor camera” you now sell (when you have any)

3: While we are talking about the battery powered outdoor camera? Why did you design this with a base station VS just having it connect to local wifi on its own like all your other camera’s Do you feel that people like to have extra wall worts and devices plugged in at home (especially when they are not there)? If I get a battery powered camera it will not be one of those, for all these reasons. The boat is huge and you missed it.

Maybe you should hire a few “average” people that have something called “Common Sense” as it seems to be in short supply there. At any rate sorry for the rant, but I am annoyed. I really hope Wyze has not lost its way so soon in the game.

Don Stevenson

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Hi Don,
2) The outdoor rated P.S. is more expensive. More of a price point deal. Can always purchase on-line but Wyze may come out with one as an add-on.
3) The WOC (outdoor camera) uses a proprietary protocol in order to perserve battery life.

Have you tried to purchase a water resistant USB compatible power supply on line? I can not find any. Can you send me a link?

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Easier to run a long USB extension, here are example:
(USB Weatherproof Power Socket - 2.1 Amp USB Charger – BurnsMoto)

Yes, that is fine as long as you are fine with drilling thru the building. This is why I have outdoor outlets here and there.

Weatherproof Outlet Outdoor Cover
A plastic cover that will protect the USB power supply.

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For the record, this has been code for a while. You should not have unprotected outlets outside, GFCI or not. It’s a super cheap retrofit and they make ones of different depths and even ones that collapse down when nothing is plugged in.

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Just for the record, I live in the Boston area and GFI outlets are perfectly up to code assuming they are properly installed inside outdoor rated boxes. This is how all mine are. I also see these everywhere. Like decks and patios etc.

Thank You

Don Stevenson

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