Wyze pan cam with wyze plug

My wyze pan cam will not operate when plugged in to the wyze WiFi plug. Anyone else having this issue?

I also have another brand of WiFi plugs that I have my other 2 pan cams plugged into that work just fine. My plan was to support the wyze brand along with having all my cams and plugs available in one app. I don’t have many problems with the cams but when I do, a simple restart of the cams usually takes care of it. I bought the plugs during the presale time. Having the camera plugged in direct to the wall or other WiFi plugs all is normal along with my ability to control the wyze plug via the app.


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Have you tried the Wyze plug (that is giving you issues) with anything else besides the Wyze Cams yet, to make sure the plug works otherwise?

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Am I missing something? Why use a plug with a Wyze camera?

The camera can set schedules and it can be restarted and turned ON/OFF right from the app.

To power the cam on/off when it’s not reachable by app.

Have you tried what @TheNerdCorner suggested?

Thanks for the replies. Yes both wyze plugs work with other items. I just find it odd that these two wyze products aren’t compatible.

My plan is to plug the cams into a WiFi outlet because of the very few problems I’ve had with the cameras it usually involves the camera not reconnecting to my WiFi. The soloution has been to physically power cycle the camera. Also the wifi plugs I had previously purchased seem to reconnect to the WiFi without fail. So being that I travel quite frequently this would allow me to power cycle the cams if they are not online while I’m away. Basically I’m wondering if anyone else with the wyze plugs is experiencing the same issues.

But isn’t the plug on the same local network and is subject to the same network fault issues? I see another thread where it says the plugs go offline a lot as well. Seems like not a good reason not to pair the two especially when they’re in series.

No reason they need to be on the same network. But I meant when the camera itself was hung and unreachable.

Just an update. After contacting wyze support and running a couple basic tests directed by the employee, wyze sent replacement plugs free of charge. Set them up and they are working without errors and the wyze pan cams work just fine when plugged into each wyze plug.

Thanks for all the help and a big thanks to wyze support for very prompt and competent service!