USB powered infrared PIR motion sensor

The current Wyze Sense motion sensors are powered by a battery that must be replaced when it runs out. The sensors are often used in conjunction with a V2 or Pan Cam that have USB power available through the Type A USB port.

Please develop a version of the Wyze Sense motion sensor that can be powered via micro-USB. Such a sensor could be mounted in close proximity to the Wyze Cam and powered by it, eliminating the need to every change batteries.

And weather resistant too.


yes, weather resistant. I currently have several PIR sensors mounted near V2’s but they are all under eaves and protected but not sure how they will do in the cold temps with the batteries. My guess is they will die once i get into colder months. For now they work great cutting down on false alerts to having a weatherproof one of these powered via USB would be the perfect addon, or an Outdoor camera with a built in PIR :slight_smile:

I enjoy having the freedom to place my Wyze motion sensor wherever I like due to it’s battery, but I think it would also be nice to have a powered version of the motion sensor. I’ve seen people ask about the same thing but only having it attached to an existing wyze camera. I would rather have it powered by USB with a small transformer so you could place it anywhere and not have to worry about it again.

Stand-alone PIR Motion Sensor for V3

Wyze has proven they can connect a PIR sensor to a V3 with the Floodlight. I want that PIR sensor as a stand-alone plug in to my V3 like the spotlight kit. This would eliminate all of the unnecessary motion notifications from dancing shadows on my driveway. I know Outdoor Cam already has PIR, but I have power where that V3 is and don’t want to have to charge a camera if I don’t have to. As of right now it seems there are people buying the Sense Hub and packaged monthly subscriptions to Home Monitoring just to be able to get the motion sensors for exactly this use case. Wyze has probably had to deal with returns and cancellations of this service just so people can get the hardware. Seems like a great add on accessory for anybody that uses a V3.


PIR Attachemnt Accessory for Cam V3

Since installing a wyze cam v3 outside I have not found an effective way to remove frequent events cause by bugs flying in front of the camera at night. I would like a PIR sensor acessory for the V3 so the camera can be smart enough to not alert on these types of events.

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The PIR sensor on the floodlight is awesome and reduced the number of false alarms considerably. Now, false alarms only occur sometimes when it is snowing or raining (usually when I view the camera at night and the snow/rain reflects the IR lights). I’d buy at least 3 more cameras and recomend it to everyone if a PIR attachment was available for purchase too.

Wyze should just make a motion sensor like these that can plug in and never run out of power:

I’d put those everywhere.


One of my floodlights is mounted high up near the roof so its built-in PIR motion sensor is limited. It would be great if I can add a weatherproof plug-in motion sensor to cover more grounds.

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The V3 has an add on spotlight accessory that attaches to the cam via a USB Splitter and is controlled thru the firmware.

I would like to see the introduction of a PIR Accessory that attaches in the same manner, powered by the same USB Splitter.

This would allow for the cam to be toggled from Cam (Light Pixelation) Motion Detection to PIR Motion Detection for uploading Events Videos.