IR Motion Detection

A lot of motion detection issues using the Wyze cam’s image based motion detection might be avoided if the camera used IR (infrared) based motion detection instead. An IR motion sensor detects changes in heat & is far less likely to be triggered by moving shadows, swaying trees, blowing leaves or bugs at night.

It’s an indoor camera. The outdoor model in development, iirc will use PIR.


That’s good news. I look forward to trying out the IR outdoor version.

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Since Wyze cams detect motion through software instead of hardware it causes a lot of false positives. I wish that you could buy a separate motion detection unit with a actual motion detector on it the you could connect to your Wyze cams to record video and also any future Wyze products.

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My indoor cameras, every room, give lots of false positives and would benefit from PIR sensor.

Check this thread out.

However, IR is not the holy grail.

I’ve walked into my house wearing motorcycle gear (i.e. helmet and being relatively cold and wet) and I was able to walk by all by IR sensors (part of an alarm system). A dual-sensor is what may be required, but not necessarily justified for indoor surveillance, but ideal for outdoor use.

I have also walked by PIR sensors in motorcycle gear, and had the same result.

Hush about IR and motorcycle gear.

I don’t want a bunch of bikers breaking into my house!

But thanks for the tip. If I need to “borrow” something from a neighbor’s house, I now know how to dress!

I’m joking. I’m joking.

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:rofl: :rofl:

It’s how I maintain my Ninja Power Ranger mystique.

I think dual sensors is a great idea. Right now I like having motion sensors that aren’t the PIR type. That way my cameras can look through glass, and not be outside in the elements, or get stolen. Plus, I don’t have anyway to power them outside.

Wyze has launched Wyze Sense, which includes IR motion sensors. These can be linked to a camera to provide IR-based motion sensing triggering detection videos.

The sensor kits are available for purchase here: Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze.

The Wyze Sense user manual and support can be found here:

For questions not answered above, please search and/or post in #ask-the-community.

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