Please find a way to deal with insects in IR Mode

Please find a way to deal with nighttime insects with IR. My 4 cameras are useless at night due to hundreds of 12 second recordings of geometric IR shapes flying past the cameras.
Thank you.


You could try a motion detector.

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Wyze Cams are not intended for outdoor use. However, Wyze is developing an outdoor camera that will use passive infrared to detect motion and hence not be sensitive to insects. You can read about it here: Outdoor/Weatherproof Wyze Cam.

In the mean time, you might want to consider turning off the built-in IR emitters and placing a stand alone IR light a few feet away to move the bug-attracting IR away from the camera. There are many IR lights available online in the $20 range.


If they are not capable of working outdoors why do they have infrared in the first place? If someone wants to monitor the outside of their house as Wyze advertises, then they must keep it indoors and never use IR Otherwise they will get an issue with reflection from the window.

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I’m not sure they advertise outdoor use, but Loki’s outdoor illuminator would be how you do that.

Infrared is still useful indoors, like when you monitor an entrance in a dark room for people breaking in.


Then Wyze needs to change their corporate communications to make people understand their cameras are for indoor monitoring only. a different brand will be needed to monitor outdoor activity. Remove all post about outdoor use from their forums and tips and tricks, and example videos.

This is a user community, with user tips and tricks. Apologies if you thought we are Wyze employees. Even Loki is a fellow user like yourself.

Wyze does market this as an indoor-only camera. We come up with ways around that…


Agreed WYZE never claims that this is for outdoor use which is why they are developing one with a different type of sensor. lots of us use them out doors but more from a live check in or go back and watch the footage stand point. Most of us have other branded outdoor cams for outdoor notifications if that’s what’s needed. If you truly want an actionable outdoor notification cam you may want to go another route or try what the moderator suggests or wait for them to release theirs . FWIW I have three different brands of cams outside and none of them are perfect and all will give off faux notifications at night.


It is on the support site in the FAQs, and the specs page of the main site for the cameras’ descriptions. At this time, none of Wyze’s products are rated for outdoor use. But as others have stated, they are developing an outdoor camera

Can Wyze Cams Be Used Outdoors

(From the specs page)
Weather Resistance
Indoor use only


you can actually turn off the ir leds so you could still have night vision on and not worry about the ir reflection, for instance if you have a motion activated porch light, and the camera viewing that through a window, you would then capture whoever it is. same goes for keeping it in a window and using an IR illuminator place outside lighting up the area you want. or as a third (NON SACTIONED OPTION) you could use one of the newer Wyze sense motion detectors that use PIR outside to trigger a camera that is placed inside looking outside.


Because a lot of people want to be able to see things in the dark INSIDE.


Tried it a week again and the darn things are still flyin right past my cams half the time still to get to the new one six feet away!

Totally agree. As a former programmer I don’t see why it would be so difficult to add a flag for delay time and some check code before triggering the event recording.
I will avoid the discussion about not being for outdoor use.


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The cameras aren’t intended for outdoor use but many are using them in that way. This community is full of people that enjoy tinkering and diy type projects and the cameras are great for that. I’m sure Wyze would happily sell you an outdoor camera when they come available and you can repurpose the other you have to cover an interior space.

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I’d say this is the best option and cheapest route.


I had the same issue with insects and I changed the sensitivity and have gotten rid of most of the short recordings at night.

Trees blowing in the wind still record thought.

I only turn lights on in rooms I’m in. The rest of my home is dark. The WYZE cams illuminate them perfect in total darkness.


I have alerts from my garage during the night time from time to time. I believe it was some sort of flying insects, although I could find any of them.

SDQ, Infrared is more effective indoor than outdoor. Somehow you are fixated on “infrared is for outdoor”; have you used a baby monitor before?:peace_symbol:

@SDQ, It was obvious to me that it is an indoor camera from day one.