Please find a way to deal with insects in IR Mode

According to both Wyze and my own trial the motion sensor will not work thru glass. Hard to place inside looking out.

That’s why Bam recommended the PIR sensor be put outside as a non-sanctioned option. He said that would be for a inside-looking-outside camera, maybe that is where the confusion is coming from.

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Thanks. I caught my own goof after I posted but hadn’t gone back to edit.

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How does one turn off the IRs but keep night vision on? I was under the impression there was only one way to turn off the IRs and that was simply turning off night vision.

Please see this support article in the Wyze Cam User’s Guide for turning off the IR LEDs. (The support section has a lot of searchable content)

Night Vision


Mine isn’t outside. It’s in my garage. And, it’s the same problem of repetitive recordings of insects flying by in the dark garage.

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You may be a fortunate one in that what you expect to see motion-wise is close, and probably big. You can drop your sensitivity down to 1. That eliminated dust particles on my living room cam, but still saw me walking by.

The cameras are sold for indoor use. If the inside of your home is dark then the IR LEDs work great. People should really read before they buy items. With this said, my cams are outside and I have turned the IR off and just rely on lighting from over my garage and front door which works great. If however my cams quit working from being outside I would understand that they were not intended for outside use from the start. Unfortunately this is how a good product can get a bad review, lack of research by the user.


That’s a good stance to have! Wished more folks shared those thoughts. This is also why packages of snack nuts have a warning “contains nuts”. :slight_smile:

I doubt very much you can stop insects from showing up on any camera. Even my other cameras ( another brand) shows every flying insect that comes out at night, including an occasional spider that might crawl across the lens. The IR lights don’t attract them, you’re just seeing what actually comes out at night. I don’t think insects see IR lights.

As far as not having IR lights, only expensive professional cameras might be able to work without IR lights

We have purchased some other brand cameras in the past, but these little Wyze cameras are the best you can get for the money. They have the same quality as the more expensive cameras I bought in the past. We bought 4 of them and when we move into another house soon I’ll buy 4 more.

Nope, but you can minimize the amount of motion activations by changing or adjusting your alert method. As mentioned IR motion detectors in lieu of pixel change notifications (can turn down sensitivity that will help), contact sensors on doors that lead to an area that you want notifications from, or just have continuous recording going but notifications off.

I was getting the dust bunnies, the flying centipedes, ghost orbs setting off my garage V2. I turned off motion alerts and just use contact sensors on the service door and big garage door to know if something is going on, then can view live or review playback to see what wifey was up to. Haven’t had any fakey alerts since.

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A setting that would tell the camera to not send a notification for motion that happens for less than ___ seconds could fix the insect problem.


Please add shadow detection with a tolerance dfang has this. As well as other brands of security cams.

This is NOT a Wyze specific issue. I have Arlo and Foscam cameras that have IR and they ALL attract insects. You can buy a separate IR and place it near the camera, it will attract the insects.


No issues having the sensor look out through a window - and detect motion effectively.
I even have the camera looking out througfh the window at a 45 degree angle and still catches everything outside.
And yes, IR is off on camera but night vision mode is on. Works great.

Thats odd. I wonder what we are doing differently. I have cams looking thru windows with no problem, but then they use a pixel disturbance algorithm, not PIR.

When I tried my sensor I was trying thru double pane high-efficiency (argon gas filled) windows. I wonder if that defeated the infrared?

The best way to eliminate bug detection is to provide an external light source like a dusk to dawn spot light and turn off the infrared light on the camera which the bugs are attracted to. I have done this with great success. Bug detection is a very difficult feature to implement in such a low cost and extremely great camera. Give these folks some time. They are doing a great job in delivering such a great product at such a low cost. You could always try other products. If you find one to deal with your issue you will most likely be paying many $$$$$.


Just dawned on me -were you talking about the camera sensor or a Wyze PIR sensor? My response was assuming a PIR. The cams do work fine thru windows. I caught 3 guys breaking into my car that way.

Just tried this but so far it works. And a cheap fix. Buy the $20 Sense kit and put the PIR with the cam. Turn off detection on cam and set PIR to record on that cam ( and any nearby cams you want to). After the initial kit cost it’s a $6 fix per cam. Hope I’m right! Time will tell.

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A single flying insect inside the home produces the same result. The IR is a “neat” feature, but not compatible with their barely configurable motion detection strategy. IME, you have to choose one or the other.