How to Disable Motion detection for Wyze motion detector (sense)

The Wyzecam has the possibility to enable or disable the motion detection. Right? So far so good.
My question is simple: How can someone enable or disable the motion detection of the motion sensor (sense)?.
I was pulling my hair to find a way to disable or enable the motion detection. The reason I ask this question is also simple. When I am at home I don’t care if there is motion in the house, and I DO NOT want to record hundreds of useless event recordings on the Wyzecam because we are moving in front of the sensor. BUT when I’m leaving I want to be able to enable motion detection by the motion sensor (sense) and obviously record all motion events on a Wyzecam which happened in my absence.
I can pay up to 100$ if someone can tell me how to do it. LOL.
BTW IFTTT provides the possibility to enable or disable motion detection on the Wyzecam but IT doesn’t know anything about the motion sensor, it can’t enable it or disable it.

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Just power down the camera that has the bridge on it. But you’ll loose all the Sense products connected to that bridge, and the camera itself until it’s powered up again

Why exactly are you trying to turn off the motion sensor? How are you using it? There isn’t any way to actually disable the motion sensor but, via rules you can do things to ignore any events detected.

Dear Sir, I don’t think you’ve read my message. I wrote the reason I asked this question. When I am at home I don’t care if there is motion in the house, and I DO NOT want to record hundreds of events on the Wyzecam because we are passing by the sensor. BUT when I’m leaving home I want to be able to enable motion detection by the motion sensor (sense) and obviously record all motion events which happened in my absence on a Wyzecam. Because there is no ST integration my only automation possibility are Alexa routines or IFTTT. IFTTT provides the possibility to enable or disable motion detection on the Wyzecam but it cannot enable or disable the sense motion sensor, it doesn’t know anything about a motion sensor. The IFTTT integration of Sense was not implemented…


Yes that’s a workaround but as you said I won’t be able to use the other sense components like door contacts. There should be an option in the Wyze app to allow disabling / enabling the motion sensor.
This would also help in saving the motion sensor battery life by A LOT
This is the option I was looking for, and when I bought the Sense kit I was pretty sure it existed.
I don’t understand why nobody from Wyze thought about it so far.
Would this be difficult to implement? No, of course not. They just didn’t think about it.
This option should be made available to IFTTT the same way it is made for the Wyzacam enable / disable motion. It should be made available to the Alexa skill as well. Like Alexa… disable motion detection on Wyze Sense…

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I can sympathize with what you are looking for. You can’t “turn off” the motion sensor as you can the camera, and this doesn’t address your valid point regarding battery life, but the solution I’ve found is to go into the motion sensor settings and disable push notifications. so at least you aren’t getting all the notifications.


I agree, there should be a way of disabling or ignoring the triggers from the motion sensor or the door connect sensor in app. But having the sensor itself become disabled I would guess would be a way bigger engineering or hardware process. Currently the sensors are pretty dumb. All they do is “my trigger goes off, I sent signal to bridge”. They are one way communication, it doesn’t receive anything back from the bridge (as far as I know). To make it so that it would become “smart” and have “two way communication” would be adding tech and hardware and our small inexpensive sensors would now be neither of those. It can be done, look at the plugs and bulbs, but they are hardwired. Imho…

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My question probably wasn’t very clear. Are you using the motion sensors in addition to the motion detection on the cameras? If so, how exactly are you using them? What triggers the video capture…motion detection on the camera or from the Wyze Sense motion detector?

No, I am not using the wyzecam motion detection anymore since I have purchased the sense kit. That is because the camera motion detection was always giving me false positives at sunset. This is something that I can reproduce anytime, when the light in the house gets dimmer the Wyzecam detects motion although there is nobody in the house and it triggers my alarm. Now I am trying to use just the motion detector (sense) to trigger an event recording but only if there is motion in the house when I am away. As simple as that. To be at home or away is not something that Wyze can deal with… they can deal only with a schedule… That’s why I always said ST integration is a must

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There shouldn’t be any modification to the hardware to make it two way communication. I understand that it would be too complicated. The only thing that should be done is in the app. The app should simply provide a way to IGNORE OR ACCEPT the signals coming from the sense sensor. This would require a simple switch in the app: Enable motion detection, or Ignore motion detection. I agree this would not save the sensor battery, but it would allow us to implement automations with IFTTT, the same way it allows is to enable disable motion detection for the wyzecam in IFTTT

First of all I am not talking about notifications. I am talking about the fact that motion detection by the motion sensor creates events (recording to the camera) even when I don’t want any monitoring, because I am at home. I want a way to ignore motion detection, in other words, just a switch is the wyze app - IGNORE motion / ENABLE motion detection. Something similar to the Enable / Disable motion detection in the wyzecam. This should be configurable using IFTTT, as it is for the enable / disable camera motion detection. Is this something very difficult to implement. I doubt it.

Understood. We utilize the motion sensor differently in that it doesn’t trigger a camera to record since we are just using it to determine if our garage door has been left open.

I think you’re confused, sensing if the garage door has been left open is done using the magnetic contact sensor that has 2 positions opened or closed. The motion sensor has a black lens that is capable to detect motion, if someone or something moves in front of it, like for example a thieve that entered the house. If a motion is detected you configure the wyzecam to record what happened in the moment of the motion detection

Exactly what mechanism are you using to trigger recording? IFTTT? Wyze Shortcut/rule? Can’t you enable/disable the mechanism when you leave/arrive? The motion sensor won’t trigger recording without one or the other.

You should also start a thread in the “Wish List” section about this. Wyze is more likely to see it there and you get support from other users who have similar needs. If a suggestion gets enough votes Wyze may start working on the change.

Nope, I should have been more clear in my explanation, I’m indeed talking about the motion sensor and I probably shouldn’t have used the wording “left open” because that really does imply a use that would be more appropriate for a contact sensor.

We primarily just use it to sense motion in our garage and as a side effect if I get motion at a time I wouldn’t expect it that implies the garage door was likely left open and something has entered the garage.

I don’t use IFTTT or wyze rules. How do I trigger the recording then? I guess you work for Wyze and you know all the devices and features, right?. In the wyze app - motion sensor settings / sensor videos, you can associate a wyze camera to a motion sensor. So that each time there is motion detected by the sensor, the camera it will automatically record an event. I would like to temporarily disable this “event recording” when nobody is at home (in order to avoid recording events uselessly when my family members move in front of the sensor). With the Wyzecam there is a way to disable motion detection BUT with the motion sensor there isn’t this possibility. That’s my point

I do not work for Wyze, nor do I know all of their products. Like you, and most everyone on the forum, I am just a user trying to help, if I can. If you need help from Wyze this is not the best place to get it. You need to file a support request which is not done in the forums.

I hope you find an answer.

This is primarily a user to user forum and most the people you run into on here will be users, however WYZE employees read the forum and comment at times. You will be able to identify them because they have the user name with WYZE as the first part like WYZEGwendolyn

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This may sound dumb, but it works for me. When I come in the door, I spin the motion sensor so it faces the wall. When I leave, I spin it back to face the room. Works every time. I don’t think that solution is worth 100 bucks though… Lol


You’re absolutely right. That’s the Best “manual” automation type of solution. Thanks. Although it lacks elegance completely, it is 100% efficient.
I should have expected that from a 20$ motion sensor.
I stil don’t understand why Wyze couldn’t add a toggle switch in the app to ignore motion, the same way the have a switch to disable the Wyzecam motion detection.