Wyze sense motion detector

Just ordered Wyze sense. Question on motion sensor. Can I disable the one on the camera or cover it up so I can just use the Sense motion detector?

Secondly if both cam and Sense sensor are in same room will both motion sensors (one in cam) or just the first one detect movement?

I ask since I only really want Sense motion detector to detect motion so it can set off an Alexa app routine.

Tx, Peter

You can indeed turn off motion detection on the camera. To be honest you can turn off event recording and notifications. That’s done in several settings pages. The two sensors camera, and sense, are not related or aware of each other so if both are on they will each respond to events independently.

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Thank you. So can I turn off the motion sensor on the camera but keep the Sense motion sensor active (on) so it trips the camera?
Tx, Peter

Yes, that’s correct. Although just so you get the correct information, there isn’t an actual motion sensor on the camera at all. The camera just uses software to look for changes in the pixels of the video and determine it’s motion. You can disable that like you want to and then use the Sense Motion detector to trigger video, turn on a light or plug, etc.

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Thank you so much, this will then allow me to use the Sense Motion detector (recognized by Alexa from what I am told) with Alexa App to turn on lights for better picture quality.
I also found out if you unplug the camera while it is in an ON state that the camera will revert to Off. Therefore a smart plug would not be helpful.

As for motion sensor on the camera, I did find out before you replied that the motion sensor is part of the software and changes in pixel. The black dot below the camera may be nothing from what I read depending on who made it. Interesting…