Enable Motion Detection and Arm/Disarm

Hi, trying to assist my elderly mother-in-law over the phone from out of state in setting up her camera by following online setup posts.

First, when she goes into the settings and sees the Enable Motion and Enable Sound options… she says the Enable Motion will not slide on, but the Enable Sound she can slide on/off. Is there some setting she missed that would not allow Motion to be turned on?

Second, I’m familiar with Arlo camers and app. I can Arm the system when I leave the house so all motion is detected and get notices on my phone, and Disarm when I come home so I’m not triggering it. She is a substitute teacher and doesn’t have a set Schedule she can program for this purpose. Is there a way to just manually Arm/Disarm the Wyze camera notifications like Arlo does?

For the second question, she can set up shortcuts to do this, which will appear as buttons at the top of the home screen:


I have no idea why she’d be able to turn on sound detection but not motion detection. You might try having her delete and reinstall the app. Otherwise…

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you file a support request including the log files for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them know that it’s already resolved.

I did submit a ticket yesterday, but she is wanting it to work now and looking for a fix.

I clicked the link and it said Oops nothing here.

Sorry about that. We’ve put out a search team to find the missing support page. In the mean time, click the link below, then scroll down to Shortcuts:


@IceM i havent tried it, but i think you could probably download the app and sign in with her credentials and set it up for her…it seems foreseeable

Yes, all the settings are retained server side, so you can change them for her if you can log in with her credentials.

BTW, my original link to Shortcuts support page is fixed now.

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