Motion detect doesn't work well on the Wyze Pan Cam

The new Pan Cam I purchased tracks motion well, but I don’t get notifications quickly or often from the camera, compared to Arlo or other security cameras I’ve had in the past. Also, I just received a false alarm from my camera as it tracked “motion” but the video clip shows none.

There are settings for detecting motion that influence the number and types of motion alerts you will receive.

A good place to start is below. Have a look and let us know if we can help.

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I have been experiencing a similar issue for months. My Pan Cam will detect motion & then stop. I had my camera disconnected for a couple of weeks. I reconnected it again on Sunday the 30th. As soon as it connected to my network it was detecting motion just fine. Monday Amazon dropped a package & it does not detect any motion. I can walk in front of the camera today & wave at it until I am blue in the face. It does nothing. I am thinking that I have a defective camera. The motion sensitivity is set the lowest setting.

Mine is hyper sensitive. I have it one 1 And get alerts constantly

That sounds like a hardware glitch. Have you contacted Wyze support? I would definitely open a ticket on it.

Have you tried setting it at a higher setting? If I’m understanding correctly, a low setting means less sensitive, a higher setting means more sensitive.

If you have it set low and it’s not picking up motion, try turning the sensitivity higher to make it more sensitive.

Makes no difference.

Even when the detection does work it only tells me that some WAS at my front door. Amazon, UPS, USPS, FedEx, or anyone else can come to my front door & leave. They are long gone before I would even get the notification most of the time.

Event notifications are tied to the event which of course does not exist until after the event has concluded. If you need a camera for that particular use case you are not going to be happy with what Wyze offers. You could get the Google Nest IQ Security Cam on sale for $239 right now. But in the sub 50 price range Wyze is about as good as it gets.

I found that is I had a detection zone enabled then disabled it it would not detect motion. I set detection zone to full screen and re-enabled and the issue went away.

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