Camera has Cam Plus I Need to disable motion detection

My Wyze Doorbell Camera has a paid current subscription to CAM PLUS. I want to turn off motion detection. When I walk up to it, it detects a person. I have the motion sensitivity set to 1 (It will not let me set it to zero). If I turn off the slider for motion detection, It shuts down CAM Plus AI detection. I get a lot of false motion detection alerts recorded just because the sun went behind a cloud or when the leaves blow in the wind and the shadows change.

This is the same problem with the Cam Pan V2. In one of the 4 scenes it see the setting sun through the class door and creates constant multiple push notifications. I just want to be notified if and only if it detects a person. This is the little boy crying wolf. I get so many false notifications, I just don’t even look at them. When an actual person (wolf) comes into my house while I’m away, I probably just ignor the alert.

Well then turn it off,need to remember any movement is recorded

You cannot turn motion detection alerts and recording off without turning off the AI detections from Cam Plus. Every camera I’ve had is terrible at sensing valid motion and ignoring simple changes in the scene like wind blowing the leaves in the trees or shadows coming and going because a cloud passes in front of the sun. I had hoped that by paying for CAM PLUS, I could prevent the detection of motions that are normal for the scene. It would just detect people, pets, vehicles. That is what you want a camera for. Every security camera I have, from Wyze and others all create false alarms for motion events.

Copy that all of our customers love there wyze cams,cloud cover/Sun is movement and it does not matter if you have a $30.00 or $300.00 you will get alert,if you don’t like cam plus you can cancel it at any time and you will get a refund…we also have the doorbell but ours is under a 12 foot cover and faces north,North, have ours set at 5…works just fine

Turn off Notifications for simple motion, but leave on detection and Cam Plus people detection.

Then you will only be notified of people.

You can turn your motion detection sensitivity back up too.

You will get a lot of motion videos, but you will not be notified of them. Just let them evaporate after 14 days.


In addition to @Newshound s suggestion, in the event tab filter out the non ai tagged videos. Now you’ll only get notified of person tags, but also only see person tags in the event tab.


Cam Plus is not the problem. It’s the standard motion detection. There should be a way to disable motion alerts without disabling the Cam Plus AI features. I worked in the industrial machine vision system industry and did a lot of programming and analysis of digital images. All they are doing is subtracting or XOR with the previous image within the unmasked area. If the count of pixels that are different or % of pixels that are different is above a user defined threshold, then an event is recorded. This might be the first step in triggering the CAM PLUS analysis. That is fine, but I should be able to have the camera ignor the motion as a user event, do not record the “motion” event and just process the CAM PLUS AI. Create an event, begin recording, and send a notification for just the AI event if one of the AI features finds a positive match.

The camera itself does not process the ai though, that is done in the cloud after the detection and upload processes are complete.

Wyze has been vocal about the AI changing in the future though. We will have wait to see what changes, and if anything moves client side vs server side.

Thanks for clearing that up. That is why it is 15 to 20 seconds after the doorbell camera detects me and the white light turns on till I get a push notification about a person at the door. I have high speed internet and the doorbell is communicating directly with the WiFi router.