Wyze cam v3 false constant detections

Virtualy useless product. Who ever heard of making motion detection by the change in pixel intensity and NOT actual motion detection? Cannot use outside as at night as vehicles passing by trigger an event from their headlights causing event notification to go off constantly. Sensitivity adjustment and limiting detection field has no effect. I’d be embarsassed to produce such a product.

I just set my V3 cams to detect Person and Pet and I don’t get any false motion from trees, headlights or anything else. :grin:

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That means you have to spend money and pay for Cam plus? Not interested.

Both pixel change detection and PIR detection each have pros and cons. If you have lots of changing pixels due to light movement etc, then pixel change detection may not be the one for you unless you incorporate some smart detection along with it. PIR detection has some cons with a limiting effective distance, and direction of movement that can have a adverse effect on the wake up to record time.

Just got to compare your individual use cases to the function and feature set of the available cameras and services and find the best fit for that situation if possible.

Get Cam Plus lite for free and set the cam for person only

How do you get it for free? The only option I see is to pay the subscription orice.

I agree, which is why it seems this cam won’t work for me.

custom amount 0.00

That’s not for Cam Plus. That is an option when you sign up for an account. Every selection under ‘smart detections’ gives me only a paid amount of monthly or annual subscription ( see attached pic) … or am I confused?

Follow this. In Step 3, click Service Plans on the left side of your screen, not Catalog.

Follow the steps carefully. USE A WEB BROWSER. Make sure you use the same email address for your account as the email address you set your cam up with.

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Wow, that worked. Thank you. I’ll have to see if it works tonight with car headlights

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Make sure you go into the camera settings and under Notification have Person checked and leave Other Motion Events unchecked.

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Actually, you can only select one option with the Lite version. If you try more than one, it brings up the pay subscription options.

I have v3 cameras on Cam Plus Lite. Here is a screenshot of how I have My Notifications page set for each camera.


Check your firmware version in Settings > Device Info. Hopefully you are at least up to version

Now you have 3 primary things to set up:

  1. Detection Settings: Set your sensitivity and optionally create a detection zone. The purpose of detection is to trigger a pixel change motion event so it can be uploaded to the cloud, cloud server determines which if any AI objects (person-only for Cam Plus Lite) are in the event, cloud server sends what it detected back in the form of AI event tags and notification.

  2. Event Recording (14 day cloud storage): As a Cam Plus Lite subscriber, your options are limited here. All pixel-based motion events recorded in the cloud is your only choice. Under “Smart Detections”, make sure “Person” is toggled on. Person is your only choice. Now events stored in the cloud will be tagged either Person or Motion. Cam Plus subscribers have the option of storing whatever AI types they choose.

  3. Notifications: This is what drives you nuts at night. Toggle on Notifications, check Person and uncheck Other Motion Events. Now your cam will notify you only for Person (see StevenA’s screenshot above).

Note that because your subscription is “Lite”, the cloud events captured by your cam are limited to 12 seconds max duration. There is a 5 minute cooldown between event captures. I.e., your cam will not capture cloud events for 5 minutes in-between events. To help mitigate these 5 minute lapses, install a high endurance microSD card in your cam and set recording type to Continuous. Your cam will write to the card 24/7 as long as it remains powered. SD recording and viewing is completely independent from cloud event recording and viewing.


Thank you for this info.


No problem. :+1:

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