Video Doorbell Pro First thoughts

I’ve done a number of these threads in the past and really had no intention of doing one with the Video Doorbell Pro, but… why not.

First I am going to start with Daaaaaaaaaaang! This fella is a beast. Since I started this thread I will provide feedback when I get it installed and setup, but I just had to share the size seeing it out of box and not in a picture. I have seen no other threads mention the size yet

Now, granted the specs do give the dimensions but I don’t think you really think about it until you see it.

I get it, 2 3250 mAh batteries will take up some room, but whoweee.

Can’t wait to get this installed on my back door more to come!

A couple of size comparison pics

And for my badge friends


Awww😔 No digital I backed boarder.



I had mine up and running on battery power in about 15 minutes. First doorbell we’ve had so nothing to compare it to. Picture is fine and fisheye catches quite a bit area. No detection zone yet, hopefully there is one in the future.

One initial thought is the battery is dropping quick - at least the % reported in the app. Started at 87% and already down to 80% in only 3 hours. This is with only three events also. It is 20F out so battery will go quicker, but hoping it settles down.



So setup got a little wonky on me last night I had to run through it 3 times, and I think it is just because I rushed it, thinking I know’d some things. On the third try I remembered Oh, yea this connects 5G… anyway no big deal and if I followed the directions this would have been a breeze and once I did it was.

Note my use case for the Wyze Doorbell pro is a little different. I wanted to put this on my back patio door since my backyard gets more traffic now with a new patio and setup, I already have 2 V3 cameras monitoring the area. I will get into how I have it configured but wanted to just talk about my install.

I had no doorbell back there and no power, which is why this doorbell was attractive to me.

I decided to go with the 3M plate for now. Wanted to put the VDBP on the patio trim and was initially concerned given the size it wouldn’t fit. But as you can see… it fits perfect. It’s about 30 degrees here today. I cleaned the trim with an 80% alcohol, let it dry… and slapped it on.

That 3M has some hold, clipped the VDBP on and its good and solid. We will see how it holds up and I have the screw mount saved and at the ready if needed.

Pretty cool setting up Wyze stuff in my Wyze Hoodie, ever seen such a smile?

And this is the patio that Wyze covers, lol.
2 Wyze Camera V3s
2 Wyze Outdoor Power Adaptors
2 Wyze Outdoor Plugs
Wyze Color Bulb
Wyze Video Doorbell Pro
2 Wyze Climate Sensors
2 Wyze Leak Detectors

Will talk about configuration when I get there… but really to me this is a doorbell with a Camera on it. The real monitoring is coming from the V3s crossing the patio.


@R.Good Maybe that is a Pappy’s smile, does it turn your face yellow? :grin:

I talk a lot of pappy, but have yet to get that fancy. Waiting for the right moment. The yellow is prolly from the skrewball

Yes I agree battery is dropping fast. Thought this was supposed to last at least 6 months before charging. Mines been set up for 2 days and already at 79%.

Fancy doesn’t quite get it. Maybe Santa Will be nice to you, not me. :upside_down_face: As for the door Bell can’t you also wire it “if” you have power? I have not graduated to door bells yet, I am still looking on how to get power to other V3 cams when my WCO die off.

Yes, its battery or wired. I don’t have power to my location therefore battery only for this install. I have the VDB where there is power at my front door.

Santa isnt that nice to me even though I R.Good😉

Oh man… the video doorbell pro is showing on my Alexa devices in the proper orientation. This is outstanding !!!

Here it is on the Echo 15

And Echo 5


Although it wasn’t scheduled to, my doorbell pro arrived the day before Christmas… I had it up on the front door in about 10 minutes…

In the first 12 hours, the battery dropped from 100 to 90, (Heck in the first hour alone it drops 6%, and I was pretty worried), but now, hasn’t budged for 2 days…

Couldn’t find the “Christmas chimes” I thought had been added to it the other day… but the selection of chimes is pretty good…

I’ve left the IR lights off, the front porch light seems to be enough…
…water/moisture on the lens early this morning. :sweat_smile:

I’m on day 4 and at 83% from 100%.

I imagine it will drop faster soon with the cold weather coming but so far the battery drainage has not been an issue, also this is primarily a low traffic area so not much by way of events.

I just installed my doorbell pro on Christmas Eve but can’t get any recording or notifications to show on my app unless the doorbell button is pressed. Any ideas? I’ve been through the settings several times…I want a notification/recording if someone walks by or up to my door or my dog is running in front of the door…not just if the bell button is pressed.


I see you have been through the setting, just asking for validation to see if I can assist in any way

Do you have Cam Plus? I turned mine off so as to not add any extra options.

Do have the following settings applied?
Event Recording : All Motion

Notifications: Send Notification, On - Motion Events, On

My Wyze App (Andriod) closes everytime I try to connect to the Doorbell Pro. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the device several times. Doesn’t help. Any advise?

Clear the app cache.


Does anybody know when these will be back in stock and available?

Have had the Doorbell Pro installed now for 6 days and I’m not impressed. Other than the super easy/quick wireless installation, the camera has been buggy and inconsistent on recordings/notifications. I’ve yet to get it to send any notifications for any motion or event recordings. Event recordings have been very inconsistent, it doesn’t appear the sensitivity settings are working correctly, as recordings aren’t being triggered every time someone comes or goes in front of the door. It’s still too early to pass a final judgement, but if firmware or app updates don’t fix the issues in a reasonable time, I’ll be switching back to the original doorbell cam.

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Does the doorbell remove from the plate that attaches to the frame so you can take it inside and charge it?

It does indeed. Actually removes easier that the Wyze Video Doorbell IMO. Just give it a firm but controlled pop with the bottom of your hand while holding the top. Or at least that is what has worked for me.

And for those keeping the battery in check I am showing 86% on my VDBP. It went up 3% in 3 days?

I’m having the same issue. Bought two VDBP’s. One works flawlessly, This one worked at first and then stopped. I’ve spent about 12 hours trying to troubleshoot and narrow down the problem. RouteThis helps app shows it is not a network problem. It’s driving me crazy.