Wyze app 2.42 Release - 5/25/2023

The 2.42 app release coming out today has new sound detection options and Smart Vision for Cam Protect, a permit reminder for Wyze Home Monitoring, auto-renewal for Cam Plus customers who want it, and experience improvements! :star-struck:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


Huh. Was never offered the 2.41.5 (April 26, 2023) Android release in Google Play, two different devices.

Can you include me in this time please? :slight_smile:

Thanks @WyzeJasonJ … I’m currently running the latest Beta app and firmware on my iPad. Please advise how to proceed when a new release version becomes available. TIA

Why oh why was this released so soon for Apple? Landscape view is not finished and now all my cams have huge black bars at the top of the videos. So when I zoom, I now have to scroll through just over a full device width to get out of black bar to see the zoomed areas of the video.

Do a search in the AppStore and just click the cloud to install. This new version will erase the beta you have. I just did it.


The landscape view will take a while, we have been implementing in chunks due to the way the app was originally written. I will send in your feedback. These are the same issues we are fighting with dark mode and why that will have to be done in chunks and not all at once.


Loaded 2.42.0.x on some Android 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 phones and tablets and some iPhones. Ran through about 90% of the app and everything looks great so far including landscape and scaling. Set 4 devices up for 24/7 cam group and single cam streaming stress tests. Will see how it goes…



Android App loaded without issues. However, the was still not functioning. I removed the App and then installed fresh and now the Wyze Sound is working as expected. Kudo’s on fixing this.

Note: My assumption is the update in place does not or did not change my Notification options and settings. Therefore the Wyze Sound did not get put down. Removing the app and installing again fixed this.

Installed on iOS without issues as well. Item to note: Since this is a prod release, I believe, I would have expected it to be available in the App Store. However, I had to install this app via Test Flight as it did not show in the App Store.

Glad to say that the doorbell VoIP process still works and notifications seem to be functioning and quickly.


New v2.42.0.292 showed up on both devices! Thanks for fixing this!! :wink:


I was notified via TestFlight that a new version was available 2.42.0 (23) … installed and running Ok

Edit: iPadOS by the way



An observation, probably not related to the app, but:

I never have Vehicle selected in Cam Plus. I have Person and Pet. I installed the update and noticed that Vehicle was selected on all of my V3 Cameras and one V3 Pro. This was a fresh install of the app and not an update. So maybe it is not updating from the servers?

Wanted to pass this on in case you need additional information. I did go through and turn Vehicle off on all devices again.


I’ll check mine…

All of mine are good/unchanged under the Android app. Checked Cam v2, Cam v3, Cam v3 Pro, Cam OG, Cam Pan v2, Cam Pan v3, WCO v1, WCO v2 all with Cam Plus and a good mix of Person, Pet, Vehicle & Package. I didn’t do a fresh installation… I updated from beta to this production release.

Will check the same under iOS…

Everything good under iOS also. Checked Event recording AI types, Notification AI types and all other settings for 30+ cams running Cam Plus and a bunch of Cam Plus Lite and no-subscription cams for the heck of it. Also double-checked HMS settings. :+1:


This happens to me quite frequently. I have 1 camera with cam plus and never have vehicle detection on but after an update vehicle detection will automatically turn on.


Need to submit a log and report the Log ID or it may never get corrected.


I updated the app and it didn’t turn on vehicle detection this time but it did turn on motion events notifications on cameras. Do you need a log for that?

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I don’t need it, but Wyze does. This is definitely the place to post any issues you find in this public release version. Submitting a log for any issue you find in this 2.42.0.x release and posting the Log ID and any supporting info (your description of problem) would be helpful to the Wyze devs for debugging.


After updating the app, 2 cameras turned on motion event notifications. Motion notifications were turned off before updating




Another incremental update. Would be great if a future update could:

  1. improve the readability of text. It’s way to small in many cases, and doesn’t scale with the text size settings in iOS.
  2. PLEASE add fan scheduling to the thermostat! We’ve been waiting forever for this basic function.

What a great news, please keep working, who knows once landscape works on ipad, maybe I even purchase subscrption. Without landscape, app on ipad is useless and my camera lays forgotten gathering dust. Now Blink that is different story, landscape worked from the begining. Their app even works on Macs.