Wyze app last update changes

I tried searching for where to post this but couldn’t find. I have concerns about the last update to the Wyze app on ios. Where do I post? Where do I ask?

After the last app update, several things went backwards. The scaling on the camera monitoring view when switching between portrait and landscape went bonkers. In landscape orientation, it no longer scales properly and clips things. It used to show dark mode, now it’s brightest mode no matter the orientation. I didn’t see any improvements on the last update of the ios app, but I sure noticed a lot of downgrades. Why? Is it a lack of testing? Where can I provide useful input that will get heard?

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Assuming you are talking about the production version: (January 11, 2023)

  • Fixed a bug that frequently caused Error Code -1 when viewing camera groups

The best place would be to notify them in the announcement thread here:

If it is the Beta version of the app, then just search for that version number’s announcement thread. :slight_smile:

Account Tab > About (look for the version number under the Wyze logo)


I am as well displeased with the mess that Wyze created with 2.38.3 and 2.38.4. I signed up for the Beta program and downloaded the beta version 2.39.0. I am on my way to report my findings.

You can go here and post yours;

Update before last, viewing a camera group… The cam image would slide behind the header (iPhone) and thus cover the bright white. YAY I say. Then the very next update changed that and we are back to an super bright header. What is going on? The developers keep changing things, and its not for the better.