Disable Audio in Events Playback on iOS App (not interrupting other playback)

Hey there,

I’ve seen a similar topic on this issue, however, the fix has not been released seemingly, so I’m just adding this hear to hopefully get it addressed.

The topic I saw is here: https://forums.wyze.com/t/ios-app-1-3-116-stops-music-playback-even-with-no-audio-from-camera-stream/4713

Currently, if you’re playing music on iOS and view a motion event, no matter what your settings are, the music is stopped. This is pretty annoying for those of us that routinely listen to music on our phones.

A fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Unfortunately that may be more of an iOS problem. I was forced onto my #$%&* iPhone (it’s a work issued phone) 20 months ago and absolutely HATE it. One of my pet peeves is that almost anything can STOP streaming music. Sometimes you can restart it easily, but often have to change to the streaming application and re-start it there and then go back to whatever stopped it. Android handles that so much better.