Headphone, v3 Cam, Apple Music weirdness

Got a weird one here. Combination of a couple of products. Here’s the scenario - have new Wyze headphones paired to my MacBook laptop (running Catalina) listening to music via the Audirvana app, all is good. Grab up my iPhone 6s (iOS 14.2) and open up the Wyze app, go to look at recorded events for new Wyze Cam v3. As soon as I start the recorded event it starts up the Apple Music app on the laptop and starts playing the first song in my library, app was not started or running. If I pick a recorded event from a Wyze Cam v2 doesn’t happen. If Audirvana is not running doesn’t do it.

If I have Apple Music up and listening to music through it and I watch a v3 cam video it will pause what is playing for a few seconds but them pick back up where it left off. If Apple Music is up but nothing is playing when I kick off the video it will start playing the last song that was being listened to. Down at the lower left bottom of Apple Music I see a message stating Connecting to Wyze Headphones.

Oh yeah, both phone and MacBook are paired to the headphones.

Strange but not really hurting anything.

This clearly has something to do with the Wyze app’s penchant for taking over your Bluetooth call profile every time it’s used for playback. I always have to “end call” after using the Wyze app. There are some forum threads about this. Apparently it’s a common Bluetooth issue across apps and devices…

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Try the updated firmware!