Wyze headphones question

Hello, I am looking at getting the Wyze headphones. I want to use them with my iPhone, iPad, and primarily my 2020 MacBook Pro. I have seen quite a few topics saying that the Wyze headphone doesn’t work too great with Mac. I wanted to see if the headphones don’t work as great, or all I saw were negative reviews of the headphones. Thanks!

Should I get the Wyze headphones for my MacBook?
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Do not get them period if you plan to make calls. They still haven’t fixed the numerous bugs, including the one where the headphones periodically restart on phone calls.

Last update in December didn’t fix it and it doesn’t seem like they’re even trying anymore.

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Thanks for the info!

I use them with my iPhone and iPad - the headphones connect to both every time they are switched on - which isn’t an issue for me as I really only actively use 1 device at a time, but if you say share the iPad with someone that could get annoying.

I’ll maybe try the headphones with my Mac tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

The noise cancellation works well - but I mostly listen to podcasts and so can’t really comment on music playback. The fact that you can’t turn it off makes the headphones unusable outside in anything above a light breeze.

Status light is surprisingly bright in a dark room.

Overall I’m happy with them - especially at the price point - if they implement the ability to toggle noise cancellation as on - transparency mode - off would the great. At the moment they only allow on - transparency mode.

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Thanks for the detailed response! They really seem like they are really good for the price the more I hear and read about them.

OK, so I got my headphones paired with my Mac yesterday (I had to press the power/pairing button a few times to get it to forget devices to allow me to add a new device as they were already paired with an iPhone and an iPad - now they are set up on my iPhone and my Mac). It did take a little playing around with audio preferences both at the system level and at the program level to get things working, but I can now join a Skype for Business meeting on my Mac and be heard.

I have struggled to answer a Skype for Business call on my Mac, but then again the call also comes through to my iPhone at the same time, so this could be an edge case where 2 instances of the same software is running on 2 devices that are paired to the same headphones… (I know weird - hopefully I won’t have to try that too often, though now that I think about it, the issue might have been me answering the call on the Mac rather than with the headphones - similar to the way that when answering a call on the iPhone, if you pick up using the on screen button the audio is routed to the phone rather than through bluetooth…). Sorry I’m rambling.

Anyway, so far so good. BTW my Mac is a late 2012 Mac Mini.

One frustration that I did have is that when on a call on my iPhone I switched the audio to speaker so the my wife could hear, but the headphones kept grabbing the audio back, so there is a certain ‘stickiness’ to the connection.

Any use cases you’d like me to try, let me know.


Thanks so much for doing that. If I were using it for any calls on my computer, I would use my external microphone and have the headphones as a speaker, so I am not too worried about the microphone. When I use my AirPods with my mac, I run into the issue of the AirPods connecting to my phone when I have an alarm go off on my phone, which is pretty annoying. I think I will get the headphones. I just wanted to make sure that they connected alright and there weren’t any other major problems. Again, thank you so much for doing all this, it really helped make my decision to get them. I will give an update on how the headphones work once I spend time to

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