How's your headphones microphone?

Hi There. I’m enjoying the sound on these Wyze Headphones, and have a question about the mic. When I use the Wyze with my computer/Zoom, people complain that they can’t hear me.

I did some tests with Wyze vs Bose 700s vs system mic, and the Wyze mic is really (really) quiet, even with input level turned all the way up. If I talk at a level just shy of yelling, my voice is barely audible. Needless to say, that’s not good enough. So at the moment, I’m just not able to use the mic.

Just wondering what other’s experiences have been. Any other problems with an overly soft mic?


There is a known bug with the voice quality on Zoom noted on the Support Page. Hope for a fix soon,

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Thanks @Brian. I’ll do some more tests. The soft mic issue I’m having isn’t Zoom specific. I tried recording in a few apps, and also adjusting in Mac sound preferences. Really have to about to get that needle to move.

I boosted the mic input on my Mac and it got “better”, but still not up to par with my Air Pod Pros.

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This has become a common complaint about the new Wyze headphones. My impression is that this is essentially a product defect. Only s subset of people will even try to use the mic, but those that have posted in the forum have almost all complained of very low mic volume. (I don’t have a pair. As it were.)

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I had read that article, but have had zero problems reported on Zoom calls today (windows 10 laptop). (Note: the mic sounds low on the zoom test, but is reported as high quality by zoom attendees.)

Where I have problem is on Apple products. Frequent disconnects from my mac book, and very low mic output reported on my iPhone (almost unusable - switched back to wired headset).

And, I found no way to adjust mic level on iPhone :frowning: – Apple’s automatic levels aren’t cutting it.

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Thanks @Customer. Too bad. I hope they can/will find a way to boost it in a software update.

I’m on a Mac. Have the same low input problem. Turned input gain to 100% and I still sound “distant”.

I have not tested my new headset on Zoom, but I have used it on MS Teams and my peers have reported that I am very quiet and sound hollow. I purchased a set for my wife also and she has the same reports. We have updated to the latest firmware, and have tried adjusting mic volumes with no change. The headset sounds great, and are comfortable but I can not use them for business meetings with the poor mic quality.


Are you on a Mac or PC?

I’m on a Mac as well. @jesterbob Sad that you’re having the same thing. Yeah, I tried to adjust everything too…not enough.

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So far, I’ve only tried the mic with a phone call connected to my iPhone. I had to take the headphones off and just used the iPhone held to my ear.
I hope to use the headset with MS Teams for work. I haven’t tried with Teams yet, but by reading these comments, I’m guessing these aren’t going to work well for that unless there is a way the Mic can be boosted via software.

I’m also finding that they are useless as a mic with my iPhone as well. I’d hate to have to send these back.


I’ve got the same issue. On conference calls, everyone keeps talking over me. My mac system settings show input for wyze headphones at 100 but I sound like i’m in a “tunnel and very low”

I’ve also had sporadically this buzzing noise that takes over the headphones for 3 seconds and then my headphones disconnect and have to reconnect. Overall I miss about 10 seconds of conversation through the headphones.

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Just started testing/using my Wyze headphones in a similar environment (Zoom video calls, Windows 10 laptop). Initially audio gain was essentially non-existent, but was solved once I realized that there when connected to my PC the headphones showed up as both “headphones” and then another audio output option of “Headset” – setting the “headset” to the default micrphone AND speaker fixed my issues.

I also seemed to have some issues when connected to both my PC and Android phone simultaneously – I haven’t gone back to dig in much, but disconnecting from my phone and doing the above seemed to fix things as far as conference calling is concerned.


Same issue here - iphone latest iOS and wyze headphones latest firmware - barely registers my voice on calls. Also tried it on my mac - input gain barely registers. This seems like a pretty big defect, hoping it’s just a bug that can be fixed via a firmware update!

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I was reading that this thing has like 6 microphones, most of which are for noise cancellation. That has to be a factor …

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Hopefully this is released from Beta soon.

Wyze Headphone Version:

  • 2.1.111

What’s New

  • Improved the experience of waking up Siri
  • Fixed the audio stuttering issue on Android
  • Fixed an Auto Power Off bug
  • Fixed an issue causing microphone volume to be too low
  • Fixed the disconnection bug with MacBooks
  • Improved the device switching experience
  • Improved the compatibility with iMac

Seems like the microphones are noise cancelling my voice.

I am on the latest firmware.

Same here. I love the cans for every other feature EXCEPT microphone volume - unusable. I have to set these aside for all my work meetings but really prefer to never have to take them off.
Please fix microphone levels Wyze!!!