WYZE Headphones Product Suggestions

This is a related product suggestion… I know WYZE is keen on adding interesting products, and this is a product that is hard to find and for which I would be a ready adopter. I’m looking for wireless headphones that can take any audio input (e.g. a TV, radio, mixer, computer, preamp, hi-fi system, etc.) to send to the headphones. The tricky part is low latency. Very likely it could be an accessory to thr recently announced WYZE headphones, but as I say, latency is imporant for anyone who wants to use it in a performing situation, as I do. I know Brookstone makes a product like this, but it’s expensive and the latency is not great. WYZE could own this market. . . and I would buy at least one, if not a whole band’s worth!

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“that can take any audio input to send to the headphones”? Like, a Bluetooth transmitter? I don’t understand the use case, but it sounds pretty niche for a Wyze product. They seem to be disrupting products that almost every person/household would want.

Thanks for your comment!
My point is that there are a LOT of audio sources that only have analog output, This includes both consumer and professional audio equipment: TVs, radios, preamp/amplifier devices, mixers, etc. Bluetooth transmitters are available, but unless you pay quite a bit they have terrible latency.
Brookstone and a few other high-end manufacturers make wireless headphones that take analog audio input and have reasonable latency, but they’re quite expensive.
It seems like it would be right up Wyze’s alley to design an inexpensive wireless headphone with both analog and digital input.

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Hmmm… Thanks, but you seem very intent on shooting down this suggestion. Unless you have some ulterior motive, you might want to let Wyze decide for themselves whether they think this would be an interesting project.

I have a suggestion. Add a lower frequency to the custom option of the EQ. Maybe start at 40hz instead of 200.

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I just got the headphones and watching video on my PC over bluetooth is disturbingly latent. I would love to use these for my Ham Radio which when you work with CW latency is a major issue, I want to use it to connect to my TV, well the latency there is also a big issue. I think it is a wonderful product enhancement that WYZE can make to double or triple the usefulness of the product.

I have been asking everyone on my cellular and VoIP (TEAMS) calls how my clarity and loudness is. The general consensus is excellent clarity but low dB. I find my self having to make an effort to speak louder. Sure i could get use to this, but,

  1. Option to adjust mic sensitivity level within app

May I suggest making the headphones in a smaller size? I’m a small person so the headphones hang on my ears without adding padding between the top and my head. I love them and will finesse the extra padding. Thank you. (My husband loves them so we just ordered him a pair.)

I find that I often press the power button while groping the ring, trying to find the up/down/pause switch trio. They should be separated and textured, and the power button moved further back on the ring. At least, that’s what I think! Maybe I have poor feeling in my thumb?

Please add configuration in the Wyze app to control the voice mic. Mine pics up way too much background noise and voices in another room etc.

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Love the headphones!! However, it would be awesome if i could pair 3 devices, AKA PC-gaming, work-Mac, Mobile device! Not sure if that’s hard to enable or not?


Use case: I can record or type my name, nickname, or keyword phrase (Default phrase “Hear Me Out”?), or multiple recordings by those who will trigger the feature such as spouse, kids etc. through the WYZE app. (if exact voice match is easier to implement as opposed to pure voice pattern recogniton) So when someone (or those specific recordings) call out from outside with the trigger word/recording match, the headphone recognizes and swithces off ANC and turns into amplify mode (maybe a 10 second default?) This will allow for a family member or colleague to consciously be able to get my attention for emergencies which might be one of the only real downsides to using ANC in general. (Honestly, I should really get royalties for this idea)

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There’s a device called RX-TX-10 that might do what you want. It’s available for around $7.

I use this with my PC, TV and cellphone with no lag. Perhaps the issue is with the bluetooth in the other components? Maybe not the most up to date version? I purchased a cheapo bluetooth dongle off of Amazon and it provides perfect audio for TV and gaming. I use the headset with my PSVR so I get audio wireless from the TV/dongle and the VR headset has a built in mic. Works flawlessly!

I love using these headphones at work. The quick conversation mode, the auto pausing are great for if someone is walking by the door and has a quick question. I also carry on me a radio and need to hear my phone ring so I am in transparency mode most of the time. It would be awesome if in the app we could manually adjust the balance between ambient noise and the bluetooth connection when in transparency mode so that those are more easily heard. I find that generally transparency mode is pretty useless unless my music is turned very low, which defeats the purpose of using headphones in the office and being able to use that function.

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Add option to change double tap to answer phone call and also to use assistant through other switch (ergo - swap the two from their original selection method)

It would be pretty amazing if we could have the option (with a toggle in the app?) to mute the audio going into our computer/phone. For example, if someone comes to my desk to talk to me, but I’m on a Zoom call, I want to be able to both cup my hand over my ear to hear the person at my desk, while simultaneously muting my voice so that the people on the call can’t hear what I’m saying.

I know that Ambient mode uses the mics to amplify external sound, so it’d have to cut off the mic input after it comes in but before it goes to the device.

Does that make sense? This seriously would save me SO many headaches of trying to mute my Zoom so that I can talk to someone in front of me.


I am wondering if two Wyze Headphones can be linked together via a crossover cable. My idea is for my wife and I to each wear the headphones on a commercial flight and be able to talk to each other over a crossover cable. Think it would work? Could this be a future feature of the headphones?

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It would be great when cupping the right ear, the function that lowers the volume allowing you to hear/converse with someone in person, if the mic was muted.

When on a phonecall and one of my kids comes up to me I would like to say “hold on please…” Cup the ear, talk to my my kids without the person hearing me/us, then return to the call by removing my hand.

I think this would be a great feature!


I have a bony bump on the top of my head. It isn’t big, just not flat. The headphones rest and rub on that spot and it hurts. I shift the top piece forward and backward to help but that causes them not to sit right and start falling off.

Wondering if there’s a way to fix that so it will work on odd-shaped heads like mine and, likely many more people out there.

Otherwise LOVE THEM - even with glasses!