Can Wyze headphones be used just for TV only?

I’m looking to use these just for my tv, I’m not interested in using them for music or being hooked up to my phone at all.
Does anyone know if this is doable?

TV in question is the Sony X950H

Thanks for the replies in advance.:+1:

If your TV supports bluetooth, then yes. If not, you need a bluetooth adapter to plug in to the headphone connector on the tv. I use an older version of this one connected to my system:


Thanks Bill appreciate the response, yes my tv does support it.
I just want to be sure before I purchase so I don’t have to deal with the whole return process in case it doesn’t.

I don’t want to mislead you, I don’t have the headphones. I was replying based upon the specs of the headset, not from personal experience. Hopefully, someone who owns a pair can respond with their actual experience with them.

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Gotcha thanks for clarifying. :+1:
I’m hoping to get a few actual owner replies before making a final decision anyhow, but I do appreciate any knowledge that can be passed on before making my final decision.

Biggest issue with most Bluetooth sound devices is a delay while the audio is processed, sent to you, and decoded. I don’t have the headphones either, so hopefully someone will chime in on their experiences with the headphones in that area.

Your TV may allow you to advance the audio to compensate. I know VLC does. However, my TV PVR on my computer does not.

There will also be possible range considerations. For instance, you may not be able to go to the bathroom on the other side of the house and still keep receiving the audio from the TV.


Great info, that’s something I’ll have to research to see if my TV has that capability in the settings.
There are a LOT of adjustments that are available in there, hopefully that is one of them.
As far as range goes, I’ll only be using them for mostly movies or anything I can pause as I haven’t watched broadcast TV in over 20 years. (I despise commercials)

Since you may not be able to advance audio on a live broadcast, the setting may be to delay the video.

I haven’t watched live broadcast TV in 20 years, but I do watch downloaded TV shows without commercials, and when I record something on my PVR I don’t start watching it until 10 minutes after it starts for 30-minute shows, and 20 mins after it starts for 60-minute shows. Then I can skip all the commercials and still finish at the same time, lol.

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I guess the only good thing about this is for the price of these headphones, if they don’t work the way I’m hoping they do, I can always just give them to my son instead of going through the return process.:man_shrugging:

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If the TV doesn’t offer audio sync adjustments, your best bet would be going with a Bluetooth transmitter and headphones that both support Apt-X low latency (not to be confused with standard Apt-X). According to the specs, the Wyze Headphones only support SBC (the standard codec) and AAC.

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Thank you for the reply Lonnie, now that’s a game changer right there.
Time to do some research on the Sony website, hopefully that information is easily accessible.

Cool. Do you have recommendations for a Bluetooth transmitter and headphones that both support Apt-X low latency?

I don’t have any personal experience with them, so I can’t make a specific recommendation. I live alone in detached housing, so not much need for headphones here.

Any transmitters are likely going to use Qualcomm’s own chip to enable AptX low latency, so you can probably just shop based on additional features there (e.g., soundbar pass-thru, dual audio streams, long range, optical input, etc.).

For headphones, I notice some that simply advertise low latency without any mention of AptX. I’m not certain what those are doing, so I would advise sticking with the ones that actually advertise AptX low latency. While sound quality is important, I would also pay attention to how comfortable reviews say they are for wearing for long periods.