Wyze Headphones, switch devices


I received my Wyze Headphones and I’m supper happy with it.

Is there a way to switch between both bluetooth devices?

I have another bluetooth headphone that switches to the loudest device but I thought that the Wyze Headphones would have a way to switch manually.


Same question thanks.


For some reason if you have your Bluetooth tv transmitter and your cell phone connected at the same time you can have poor Audio quality. Also the first device paired takes priority in this case. As was mentioned in the first post being able to switch between Bluetooth feeds would be great. since my Bluetooth tv transmitter has to be on all the time I can not use the cell phone to stream to the headphones.

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This! I have my headphones paired with my laptop and phone. When ever I power on my headphones it automatically connects to both, but I only get audio from which ever of those connected first. If it’s not the one that I wanted then I have to go to the other device and manually disconnect the headphones. I was hoping to just hear the audio from both at the same time, but maybe that isn’t working because my laptop bluetooth only supports 4.2. Either way, if the headphones can connect to both at the same time, but can only play audio through one or the other it seems to make sense that you would have a way to switch sources.

Normally both are right next to me, but yesterday my laptop was in the living room and I had just settled into bed and wanted to listen to a video on my headphones. I turned them on, and it connected to both devices, but my laptop was the only audio source I could hear. I had to get up and go to the livingroom and disconnect the headphone from my laptop so I could hear audio from my phone.

I also want to use my headphones with my TV sometimes, but Android TV doesn’t have a “disconnect” option (or at least mine doesn’t) only “unpair”. So if the TV is the audio source that the headphones connect to, then the only way to get audio working from my laptop or phone is the unpair the device. Even if I could disconnect it’s still several menu options deep and cumbersome to navigate to.

EDIT: So i’ve just noticed that when my laptop and phone are connected, that both can play audio, just not at the same time. If audio is currently playing on one device the other device simply will not be heard.

For example: If my phone is playing music, then i’ll never hear audio from my laptop until I stop it. If I make Windows make a sound and press play on music on my phone while that sound it playing, my phone will play the music, but I can’t hear it. After the Windows sound stops, if I stop the music and start it again I can hear it. So basically any source that starts while another is already playing will not be heard.

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I have to test it more but mine is like to switch to device that is louder. For example: if it’s connected to my phone and TV and I’m listening music on my phone, if I start to raise the volume on my TV, at some point it changes automatically to my TV.

When I turn mine on, I hear like 2 different sounds probably because it connect to my TV and phone. If I go to my phone and play some sound it likes put my phone as a main device, the same happens if I start watching something on my TV (nVidia Shield).

I think if someone calls me it automatically switches to my phone so I can answer the call.

But I still thinks that a manual switch between devices is a better solution, like being able to choose what to do when I use the touch surface of the phone.

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I have a similar setup; connected to both my laptop and phone. My headphones will automatically switch from the laptop to the phone, but it seems to take about 10 seconds for them to switch. It’s a bit annoying when listening to audio on the laptop, and I try to take a phone call.

I noticed in the latest firmware update there was an update to device switching. is there a way to manually switch or is it just whichever device started playing first?

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I’m having the same issue, even on the latest firmware 2.1.111. The only workaround I’ve found if I’m not near both devices is to clear the Bluetooth device list from the headphones. To do this, you need to press and hold the Power/Bluetooth button for 8 seconds until it says “Bluetooth device list cleared”.

I’d rather Wyze give the option to disable Dual Bluetooth Device Connection ability. With my Aftershokz I can enable and disable this feature.

I’ve opened a support case for this issue on December 18th and still waiting for a resolution, I was asked to submit Dev Logs and did. Anyone have any luck resolving this beyond clearing the device list each time?

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Following. Have same or similar issues where I have to disconnect manually from my iPhone before it will connect to my Mac and vice versa.

@bharned3 I’d recommend opening a case with Wyze Support so they can get your logs to the Dev team. Hopefully with an increase in the reports, it will get a higher priority in their backlog.

I’m super happy with mine too, amazing value product! but yeah, this issue sucks!
Double tap the Bluetooth button maybe @WyzeJimmy that would be great!!
*knows nothing about hardware design.

Love the sound quality, hate the quirks. I’m slowly getting fed up.

First issue: When I connect these to my PC, sound only plays if I choose “Headset” mode, which doesn’t give good quality sound. When I select Wyze Headphones Stereo, no sound comes through on them even though Windows sound thinks it’s playing. I’ve even tried setting them as the default audio devices and disconnected them from my iPhone.
I’ve tried everything. I’ve deleted in from the PC and phone. I’ve reset the BT list on the device. I’m not sure what else to do. When I connect it initially, I hear sound for about a second before it cuts out and never comes back (PC). On the iPhone it works fine. I haven’t tried it anywhere else.

Second issue: When the device is connected to my PC and phone simultaneously, sound ONLY comes through from the PC bluetooth input, not the phone.

Is it that this device only plays from ONE source? Why allow it to connect to several? I’m confused!

" Dual Bluetooth Device Connect to your Devices wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0

Wyze Bluetooth Headphones come with the newest version of Bluetooth 5.0, which supports a dual device connection. Stay connected to your phone while listening on your computer, too."


I am about to contact support but wanted to come here first.

Have you tried another Bluetooth headset on your computer? Here’s my thinking. They work fine on your phone but not the computer. If another Bluetooth headset or speaker works fine, then it’s the Wyze headphones. If you have problems with another Bluetooth device, it’s your computer. Maybe the Bluetooth driver, maybe a setting.

I had the same issue only on my Mac. They sent me a new pair and I had the same problem. Never could figure it out. They work fine between my iPhone and iPad I just went back to my AirPods for my Mac…

Very frustrating ordeal to say the least

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Yes, other BT headphones/headsets work on my PC. I use Logitech Zone wireless for work and that works flawlessly, this headphone/headset manages several connections but it detects when it needs to be used as a headset vs. headphones and then works accordingly. I got the Wyze for personal use.

Did you end up sending them back and getting a refund?

My dilemma is that Anker has their Q30 on sale for the same price and those actually work. So, do I stay the idiot and keep the Wyze, hoping that a software update will fix the issue or just swap it out with Amazon? I want to support Wyze and lord knows I could use 1 less app on my phone (than having to download Anker’s Soundcore app), but I mean, you’ve all been having issues for months and no update to fix as well as not a single peep from Wyze on the issue.

Makes me really want to just send them back.

Did support offer anything?
I too am …underwhelmed by having to disable/forget bluetooth devices just to force sound to come from the phone instead of the computer when it’s on. Quite a silly problem to have when there’s so many button-length/button-combo’s they could easily choose from and customize if they haven’t already.

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Usually, if you stop audio on one device and then start playing on the other one, automatically switches. But it is switching faster (almost instant) from phone to my mac, But switching from mac to phone (iPhone) takes a bit longer sometimes doesn’t event switch so I pick play on iPhone speaker then headset and it works. This is highly likely a software thing. No button should be necessary to switch.

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Sorry for the necro-post, but I recall having similar issues on my phone and PC, and I believe it is dependent on how the paired devices are consuming the attached bluetooth profiles and what bluetooth version the hardware supports… In the end, I had to disconnect the headphones from my phone when I was listening to music on my Windows PC because the audio would stutter an incredible amount otherwise because my PC only supported BT4.0, while the phone was using BT5. Now when doing it between my linux pc and the headphones, I have no problem as it supports BT5 too.