Wyze Buds Pro paired to two devices?

Just got mine yesterday and love them! I, of course, paired them with my phone first, but now I’m at work and I want to pair them with my PC too. I want to be able to listen to music on my phone and switch to my PC for Teams calls automatically. Works with my Wyze Headphones like a dream, would be a big disappointment if the buds don’t have this ability.

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I came looking for the same information. I had the headphones but they sadly perished in a house fire. When the buds came out I decided to buy them as a replacement.

Sadly the specs show the buds only support one connection while the headphones support two.

After doing this today, you must disconnect from the first device and connect to the second. You should only need to pair to each device once. To make it easier, I turn off bluetooth on my phone so that I can quickly connect to my laptop.

Yah, I was used to my Wyze headphones switching automatically, I started doing the disconnect thing too to get around it.

Thanks for the info!

I just have to chime in Here and say I am absolutely disappointed with this fact…that the wyze buds pros, and now I’m pretty sure the wyze buds are the same way, don’t support multiple device connections…they are Bluetooth 5.0 right? So the reason they don’t have this feature is because the developers were too rushed or too lazy to add it in there…that’s stupid imo. This could be fixed in an update EASILY! CMON WYZE! Don’t screw your loyal customers over like this…don’t chalk me up to just some hater of wyze…NO not at all, with about 3 exceptions, I have bought dang near every pre-order device you have launched! And I REALLY enjoy your products, but the half baked firmware, and limiting software semm to be a constant hold up… please release a fix for this asap! We want to connect 2 devices to our fancy Buds and the buds pros! Please!


To make sure we are talking about the same thing: my understanding is we want it to be able to SWITCH between two devices without the need to re-pair, but not connecting with two devices SIMULTANUOUSLY (Why would anyone want to listen to music from phone and mac the same time?). For me, the problem is, I have paired with both phone and mac. Now after listening music from mac I want to switch to my phone because I am walking outside. I HAVE TO PUT THE BUDS IN THE CASE AND USE PAIRING MODE TO RE-PAIR WITH MY PHONE! Absolutely not acceptable!! Instead all earbuds should be able to switch to the phone, either automatically, or by clicking the buds pro in the bluetooth device list in the phone. I don’t believe this is the design. I think this is a bug.

I am currently working and tried to connect them with my laptop so I could switch listening to music from there or take a call on Teams. This is a huge downfall of what I wanted out of wireless earbuds. I have been wanting to be able to connect them to 2 devices and now realizing I can’t makes me pretty upset. 1st Wyze product I am really disappointed in.


Again this could not be by design. I haven’t seen any bluetooth earbuds not able to switch between devices that are already paired, I feel surprised as this is a very mature tech and I had no problem with my $15 bluetooth buds

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Very disappointing. I was able to delete everything off my phone and fully connect to my computer but once I received a phone call on my laptop they couldn’t hear me and everything was connected properly.

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My $25 bluetooth earbuds I bought in 2017 can easily switch between two or more sources… this is ridiculous and needs to be fixed ASAP. Pretty Please.

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I think we want the same thing, it’s just that most people don’t know what to ask for…they would be connected simultaneously…I’m not an expert on this mind you but I have, ball-park, somewhere around 2.5 dozen Bluetooth headphones, speakers, laptops with bluetooth5.0, etc. The easiest/most straight forward example, honestly, is the wyze headphones. They can connect to 2 devices simultaneously meaning it can connect to my laptop and my phone at the same time. When audio plays out of one device it pauses device 2. If I try to play both at the same time it defaults to whichever 1 was last playing music. The wyze buds and the wyze buds pros, DO NOT have this feature, unless it is a bug. See you can pair the pros and the buds to as many devices as you want. And you can switch between them by going into your Bluetooth settings and tapping the buds or the pros in the list of paired devices. My pros and my buds do this no problem, if yours don’t, you might have a bug. The issue is that I only want to go to the Bluetooth menu IF I’m pairing to a third device or a new device. With Bluetooth 5.0 connecting to two devices is literally a new feature, so not having it enabled is just kinda lazy IMO.


I finally got it… I am not sure if this is the difference between true wireless and the wireless buds with a cable between left and right. You need to click “disconnect” on the first device before connecting to the second device…

UPDATE: The latest firmware release for the Wyze Buds, not the Pros, support switching between devices! :slightly_smiling_face:

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SWEET!! I will update ASAP, thanks for the heads up!! Really appreciate it!

Does anyone know if the Buds Pros will be getting a similar update??


How? I don’t see anything about how to switch between devices…

After getting firmware, we can long press “both” buds to switch between paired devices. I paired my Wyze Buds to my laptop and phone and now it cycles between them. Works like a charm!

That is sadly only for the Wyze buds. I’m speaking on the Wyze Bud Pro’s which don’t have the capability to do this which is super annoying.

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As of today 9/14/22 this long-press-both-buds-to-switch-devices functionality DOES work on the Wyze Buds Pro. Not sure when the update came as I just received these buds yesterday, but somewhere along the line it got updated!


Long press what?