Wyze Earbuds Pro how to switch devices

It is not clear how to switch from a previously paired device to another. I have two Macbook Pro and it looks like in order to pair to let’s say the second Macbook I have to clear the list of paired devices and pair the second Macbook.

There is some undocumented way of doing this in this post: Wyze Buds Pro Needs Dual Bluetooth Device Connection Desperately!.

The documentation about the Wyze Earbuds Pro is horrible!

I haven’t had any issues with pairing, it acts like any other Bluetooth device. If your switching devices you must disable Bluetooth or disconnect the device from the old one, and then the buds will say “disconnected”. Then you can pair them on the other device, and they will say “connected”

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My only knowledge of how to switch is how @IEatBeans provided, disconnect from device one and reconnect to device 2.

And I must have missed the thread you found, but eager to give this a try.

Have you successfully swapped a device connection using the community member steps in that thread?

So I tested the long hold of both buds as instructed in the user thread but my buds would not swap from an Android device to an iOS device or vice versa, this may only work on the same platform.

When I long pressed and held both buds the buds would announce disconnected, then connected but they connected back to the device they were initially connected to vs swapping to the other device that had the pro buds in the Bluetooth list.

I’ll charge my ipad and see if I can swap from iOS to iOS.

This didn’t work on iOS to iOS

After reading @IEatBeans post I decided to test it again, since I don’t perform this kinds of test every time a new version of MacOS or Wyze firmware becomes available. I am currently running MacOS Ventura 13.2.1 and Earbuds Pro I upgraded to MacOS 13.2.1 about two weeks ago. It looks like now it works fine, but I’ll do more tests this coming week.

What was happening before, about two weeks ago, I was able to connect the earbuds with the first Mac and then manually disconnect them. The second Mac was able to connect to the earbuds but only for few seconds and then it would disconnect them. The workaround I found was to clear the list of all formerly paired devices from the earbuds and pair them again with the second Mac.

Check if you are on the latest version of MacOS and IOS and well as the latest version of the earbuds firmware.

What systems (e.g. Windows, MacOS, Android, etc.) did you use to switch the earbuds from and to?

I have gone from IOS to Windows many times without issues.

As soon as the buds are powered on and in the disconnected state, they will begin broadcasting their presence. A phone or computer will scan the list of known devices and if it sees one that’s broadcasting it will attempt to connect. When I power on my buds my phone seems to snatch the connection first most of the time, so I often times have to disable Bluetooth on my phone before my pc will connect