Often Unable to connect Android phone to Wyze Headphones via Bluetooth

My Wyse WNCH1 wireless headphones will often be unable to connect to my Google Pixel 7a Android v14 phone via Bluetooth.

About 75% I have to restart phone and even then phone and headphones will sometimes not pair.

I am not having this issue pairing with other devices

Wyse firmware and phone firmware and Android are all up to date.

Solution other than returning headphones as faulty/ lemons?

How many devices have you paired your headphones with? I don’t know if there’s a limit to the total number of devices a set of headphones can be paired with at once (I was thinking maybe once I’d read that they could be paired to 6 different devices, but I can’t find that reference now, so I may actually be remembering a specification about a different product), but Wyze’s documentation says that the headphones can be connected to only two devices at once:

Wyze Headphones can be connected to two devices at once, which lets you keep the tunes going from one device to another.

I make this point because I’ve paired my headphones with several devices: two different phones, a tablet, and a couple of televisions; however, I can connect the headphones to only two of those devices at once. Usually when I power the headphones on, they connect to both phones, but sometimes I want them to connect to a tablet instead of the second phone. In that case, I have to do something to prevent the pairing to the second phone, such as…

  • turning the second phone off,
  • turning off Bluetooth for the second phone,
  • going into the Bluetooth settings on the second phone and disconnecting the headphones there, then going into the Bluetooth settings on the tablet and connecting to the headphones there, or
  • making sure the second phone is out of Bluetooth range for the headphones (while making sure the primary phone and tablet are in range).

That sometimes works for me, too, and because it’s working sometimes for you, that makes me wonder if you’re hitting the “connected to” limit with other devices sometimes and sometimes just happen to hit on a headphone-to-Android-14-phone connection by chance at the right time. I don’t know how the headphones determine a preference for devices to connect to: In other words, if you have paired your headphones to three different devices at some point and you turn your headphones on while they’re all in range with Bluetooth enabled, then I don’t know how the headphones “choose” which 2 of the 3 devices to connect to at that time.

Without knowing more about your circumstances and what you’ve tried, I’m not sure what else to suggest at this point, but I’d start with trying to be aware of/intentional with your Bluetooth connections and turn off, disable, or otherwise prevent other devices from connecting to your headphones when you’re trying to force your Android 14 phone to connect.

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