Wyze Headphones Bluetooth Connection Issue

I just received my wyze headphones over the weekend and it’s working great except for one annoying issue. I was able to add it to the wyze app but today, when I try to go to the app, it says I need to connect the headphones to Bluetooth. when I checked, it was already connected. So I restarted my phone (Samsung S20 FE) and also re-paired it but still says the same thing. Right now, I can listen to both my phone and PC. It’s just I can’t control the headphones using the app. Anyone else having this issue? Any way to fix it? Thanks.

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Mine connects to Bluetooth on my S10+ without a problem. However, it will NOT connect to the app.

Yep, just figured it out on my S10+. Try these steps.

  1. disconnect all Bluetooth devices from your phone.
  2. turn off your Bluetooth.
  3. open Wyze app and try to add headphones; it will fail
  4. put headphones in pairing mode.
  5. turn on phone Bluetooth.
  6. accept connection.
  7. go to Wyze app and add headphones.
  8. Wyze app will ask you to cover your right ear piece.
  9. update process will start and takes up to 30 minutes.
  10. enjoy all your hard work and listen to music.
  11. reconnect all of your Bluetooth devices.

This worked for my phone. Your mileage may vary.

Ya, use the Wyze app to install the headphones, not the normal way through the Bluetooth settings on your Smartphone. If you did it the wrong way, delete the headphones in your Bluetooth settings, then go into the Wyse app and install the Headphones that way. That should fix the issues.

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