New Headphones

The app does not comnect to my headphones. I can connect using regular phone Bluetooth.

I have the same issue… the wyze app cannot find them but they connect via bluetooth to my phone and pc, (and sound amazing) but without the app I can’t fine tune settings…

Any trick to this?

No, I just attached them a tablet with an older version of android and did the update. Attached back to my phone and just use phone controls until there is a solution.

As I said before, just wait for the update, for the price and the fact it’s a wyze product, we know there is a team working on it.

Today; turned them on and they automatically updated and work beautifully. Wyze does life right.

Kind regards

Baron J Hamilton Jr.

Better put.

Wyze does things wise.

The app is working but not very stable, Still happy being on the edge you get scrapes and bruises, thats what it takes to be a pioneer.

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