Wyze Headphones Graphic Equalizer

I have just installed the latest iPhone app and the Wyze Headphone latest firmware. Things are not the same; has anyone else experienced these issues from the most recent software updates?

The graphic equalizer controls in the app have quit changing the audio passband profile… It all sounds the same no matter where the sliders are set.

Bluetooth connection between iPhone Wyze app and the headphones takes a long time, sometimes it gives up and retries “Connecting…”.

Used to be I would hear “Beep, Beep” as the headphones connected to the MacBook Pro and then to the iPhone. Now I hear “Beep, Beep,…BOOP” as if the second connection to iPhone had failed to stay connected.

I have submitted chat to support and a software log from the app, they say they are looking into it. I am just curious if anyone else has this setup and has experienced similar behavior ?