iPhone Wyze Headphones Graphic Equalizer unrequested changes

Wyze app with Apple iOS.

My high frequency hearing is deficient, so the graphic equalizer is a godsend; I use a strong treble boost. I love it when it works, but I have this problem:

When I am using the Wyze headphones to listen to bluetooth transmitted audio from my laptop, any time there is an interruption of the streaming audio, the equalizer in the headphones resets to “FLAT”.

For example, if a YouTube video pauses for network buffering, the Wyze headphones reset the graphic equalizer to “FLAT”. If my smart phone issues an audio alert for incoming mail, the equalizer in the headphones resets to “FLAT”. I constantly have to ride the smart phone application to keep boosting the treble so I can understand the audio,

Does anyone else experience this problem??