Wyze Headphones rebooting

Hello all,

Not sure if i am the only one. My wyze headphones keep rebooting. I have only timed it once but it looks to be every 30 minutes. Currently, I have them linked up to my laptop after registering them to the wyze app. However this happened mid phone call on my iPhone.

Any ideas?


Adding here, yes it’s about 30 minutes. I have turned off the auto reboot previously

There’s a new firmware just released this afternoon. See if that fixes it for you.

Updated late last night. No dice

AFAIK, it seems to be that it doesn’t detect that media is being played. IE since I am using it for calls, it may be related to lack of “media” because as far as the headphones know, nothing is playing.

An aside, I see that it set turn off time back to 60 minutes. Going to try and reset that to never

The latest update is in Beta, if all goes well, the update will be released to non-beta users. It appears to have an Auto Power Off bug fix.

Wyze Headphone Version:

  • 2.1.111

What’s New

  • Improved the experience of waking up Siri
  • Fixed the audio stuttering issue on Android
  • Fixed an Auto Power Off bug
  • Fixed an issue causing microphone volume to be too low
  • Fixed the disconnection bug with MacBooks
  • Improved the device switching experience
  • Improved the compatibility with iMac


May be important, I have been testing using a stopwatch app on my phone. It appears that the connection is fine until about 15 minutes through a phone call (be that MS Teams or standard phone call) let me know if I can be any assistance

Brian, is there an ETA of release?

As of now there is no ETA. Just waiting for it to get released from Beta. You can follow the thread HERE

I’m having the same problem as of two day… …

I contacted Wyze support. Took a while but they ended up sending out a new pair.

Works well. Doesn’t play well with long conversations on MS teams. Haven’t found any issues since though

I notice audio stuttering when watching YouTube on my big screen Samsung but it goes away after a few minutes… iOS based

facing the same issue… had the first pair replaced under warranty. Same issue with 2nd pair. seems like a software bug.

I faced the same issue (rebooting when on a long zoom or MS teams call, generally happens at 25th to 30th mins). Got my headphones replaced in the first 30 days. The issue is seen on replaced one as well. I also feel it’s just a software issue involving Bluetooth.

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Same issue, made a ticket that went unanswered. Is Wyze still working on this or are the headphones always going to have this problem?

Same issue here and commented on another thread. Trying to just post in each thread I see in hopes for a firmware update.

When on teams calls every 20-30 minutes. Buzz power off then power on and reconnects. Takes about 10 secs and annoying when being asked a question or in middle of speaking.

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Same here. I had mine replaced via warranty and now the same thing is happening on the new set.

Any resolution here, WYZE? Incredibly frustrating during meetings.

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Still happening to me with the beta firmware. Hoping for another update soon the beta firmware I can sometimes go 40-60 minutes before it crashes but sometimes happens even as fast at 18 minutes.

On average if I use throughout the day it will crash 3-4 times. I do use another headset rest of the day due to Wyze headphones stability issues.

Please please please fix.

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Yes please fix this issue. I have swap around the headphones middle of conversation and I always miss the 20 seconds during reboot asking around for repeating what the other said.

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The fact that the headphones disconnect randomly during Zoom calls on either Windows or macOS makes them unusable for that purpose, even if they reconnect immediately (takes a few seconds). Wyze support suggested using the audio cable instead of Bluetooth, but that defeats this purpose of buying Bluetooth headphones! I’ve ended up giving out the headphones to my wife, who uses them only to watch Netflix on her iPad

Very tempted to buy the Anker Souncore Q30 headphones, which for $30 more offer incredible battery life (40 hours), high-res sound and Custom EQ via App. I already own the older Anker Q10 and they work flawlessly. The Q10 also announces the battery status when they turn them on, which is also a plus compared to the Wyze headphones, but they don’t have noise cancelation.