Wyze Headphones - Intermittent Cycling

Hey everyone.

Just got my headphones yesterday. Pretty excited to use them. I think they live up to the hype. $50 headphones! I mean come on. They feel good and sound good.

Ok, that said, now to my issue.

Here is my setup. I have them paired to my iPhone XR and Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

I have been using the headphones to participate in Microsoft Teams meetings throughout the day.

For short duration meetings, no problem. During longer calls, the headphones have been acting up. A loud sound will occur and then it power cycles.

I hear the “Power On” and then it connects back to the devices. During this outage, I have no clue what is happening during meetings. This has got to be solved right away to use these prime time.

Please advise!

My firmware is at 2.1.82.




I have been experiencing the exact same issue. I love the price and the product except for this major issue.

Happens about 10 times a day at this point. I just discovered it didn’t have anything to do specifically with the meetings, but it tends to do it more there. I’m using Teams as well. I just had it happened when I was only listening to Amazon Music on my computer.

My set up:
I’m connected to my iPhone Xr and my computer running Windows 10.

My headset Firmware Version is 2.1.112

I’m going to have to return these if this isn’t corrected in the next few days. Co-workers are past waiting on me to reconnect so they just keep talking and I am missing out on key information.

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Anyone know the best way to bring this to the attention of the development team??


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I have a similar issue, but mine doesn’t turn back on. I’m connected to a Lenovo laptop and my Motorola phone and they turn off when I’m on Zoom or Teams calls. Today it happened 3 times in one 2 hour call. They also drop the noise cancelation randomly, but that’s not as bad.

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Hi @miket03,

I recommend calling Wyze support and explain to them what you experiencing with your headphones.

Wyze Support (206) 339-9646

Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


I am having the same issue. It only appears to be happening when connected to 2 devices. For me it is an iPhone 6 and a Lenovo T470s laptop.

I hear a loud buzz and then a click. Then the power on message play and the headphones reconnects to both devices. 20 minutes later, it happens again.

This headphones are 20$ headphones with a video saying that they are like the airpods studio, they dont even work well, the noise cancelling dont work well, the dual pairing audio is cutting off always, my right earcup stopped working well, it is very difficult to change devices, everything is bad.